Book Review: Making Waves

Tawna’s Blog

not put it down from one cover to the other. Love love love this book.
Following the crazy mix ups and the hot and steamy sexual tension makes
this book a real page turner.

As you follow Juli as she
becomes part of a crazy mix of try to be pirates on accident you really
start to feel as you too are part of this nutty group. Each having
something special and each having their own secretes that slowly start
to float to the surface while at sea.

I could do a book
report review and tell you the plot and the characters and the story
line but I’m not going to. All I am going to say is go out and buy this
book!! Get it on your kindle, order it on amazon, go to your local books
a million, barns and noble, etc. Find this book and read it. It is

Congrats Tawna for
having an amazing debut book. (also keep an eye out for her other two.
Believe it or Not comes out in Feb 2012 and Let it Breathe coming out
later in 2012)


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