March Madness 2012

With only 4 days until March 1st I am really anticipating my awesome line up of friends I have interviewed for my first (hopefully of many) March Madness Blog!!!!
Here is the wonderful lineup!!!!
March 1st: Designer and Author Mark Montano

March 2nd: Upcoming Author and stay at home mom Blandy Littrell

March 3rd: Author Douglas Brown

March 4th: Author J. B DiNizo

March 5th: Author Larisa Biyuts

March 6th: Harlem Ambassador member Tiffara Steward

March 7th: Author Vanessa Wu

March 8th: Author Xavier Axelson

March 9th: Author Lee Brazil

March 10th: Author Emily White

March 11th: Author Cherie Reich

March 12th: Author Shelly Meyer

March 13th: Author Oliver Frances

March 14th: Author, Educator, Book Reviewer, and Talk Radio Host Fran Lewis

March 15th: Author Dorien Grey

March 16th: Author Ruth Cardello

March 17th: Author and Wiccan High Priestess Deborah Blake

March 18th: Author Shay Fabbro

March 19th: Author Cas Peace

March 20th: Photographer, Singer and Writer Cath Barton

March 21st: Author, Poet, Guitarist, Song Writer Jessica Bell

March 22nd: Author G. R. Holton

March 23rd: Author India Drummond

March 24th: Author Karen Dales

March 25th: Model and Author Ciara Ryan

March 26th: Author Susan McGeown

March 27th: Author Sheri Larsen

March 28th: Journalist and National Geographics Society Developer Adnilton Alves

March 29th: Author Gerry Burnie

March 30th: Author D. J. Kile

March 31st: Author Lindsay Downs

What an AMAZING line up.
I want to again thank all of you for participating and taking time out of your busy schedules to let me do the interviews. Come back each day in March to learn about these amazing people and hear what advice and words of wisdom they have to offer you.



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