Interview with and interesting person who doesn’t think she is interesting Blandy Littrell

You can learn more about Blandy at her blog (here)
Blandy is a stay at home full time mother (which really means she is a million of things like cook, maid, butler, repair girl, driver, story teller, protector, etc) she is also a part time writer (hasn’t got her story just perfect for her yet even though she has wrote it two times), part time crafter, and more. Also she is one of my best friends, I think of her as my sister.
1. What drives you to want to write a novel?

It has been a dream of mine since I was about 14. Writing was just a hobby at
first, jotting in journals, making up stories to tell my little brothers, and
giving life to that bitter teenage depression. I never had drive till my
step-dad told me that I had a gift for it and should consider writing stories.
That was the only nice thing the man ever said to me and for some reason I have
never been able to let go of it.2. How do you find time to write while you have a child at home?

You would think that it would be difficult but suffering from insomnia it
really isn’t. I don’t go to sleep till about 5 in the morning and by midnight
my son is sound asleep. So that gives me a solid 5 hours to do what I want
with. Now granted what comes out of that time is nothing to brag about but you
have to work with what you got.

3. How did you come up with your story idea?

To be honest, I got in a fight with Philip. To vent I just started typing. I
liked were it was going and the possibilities it opened up, so I just kept
typing. Everything was created moment by moment. The story is Danni’s. I let
her tell me where she was going, where she had been and who she would meet. I
never sat down and planned it out. There was no outline or notes. When I
started writing I had no idea what the ending would be. I was oblivious to
where I was going to end up until I got there. Which probably accounts for why
it is so freaking messed up.

4. You also sew/knit, how do you find time for that?

That is one of those things that is done off and on. During nap time, lunch,
after Daddy gets home, and after everyone goes to bed. It is one of those
things I have to make time for.

5. What is your favorite activity to do at home?

Arts and crafts. When inspiration strikes that is. It is always fun to drag out
the paintbrushes, charcoal, the hot glue gun or the wood burner and just let
loose. It is just neat to watch some of these little ideas to life.

6. How do you manage to keep your sanity while home all the time?

I don’t, lol. Plain and simple I feel like I am going crazy 90% of the time.
Home life never suited my personality but here I am. I am lucky enough to have
“me time” once a week, which normally consists of music, a facial mask and some
type of alcohol and getting away from it all. It does help but it is hardly
what keeps me from snapping so I have acquired a million hobbies. I read,
write, sew, crochet, do wood burning, movie reviews, personal amateur
bartending, drawing, jewelry making, gaming, and still looking for more things
to keep me busy and from falling into routine.
7. What is your favorite food to cook?

I hate cooking. I am awful at it so I try to avoid doing anything that consists
of more than five step directions and don’t come with the all ingredients
already in the box/bag. All that aside, I like cooking French toast, basically
because it is delicious.

8. How did you come up with your characters in your story?

Danni, who is the main character, is a strong and brilliant female figure and
she is who I aspire to be. She is the woman I wish I had the balls to be. She
is one tough girl inside and out who keeps her calm under pressure.

Taylor was how I felt about Philip at the time. I was angry so this vile man,
similar in appearance to Philip came out of the mix.

As the story progressed, I fell in love with certain minor characters. Like
Dewayne. He was so awkward and honest, he had so much potential couldn’t just
let that go to waste. I shaped him a little bit after my dad which may be why I
was so adamant about keeping him. I never really sat down and took note of my
characters. I just let Danni’s story unfold and let her tell me who they were
and what they were like.

9. Is your story based on any real life experiences you’ve had?

Yes, couple parts of it are based off my experience. Like Danni running from
the cops, where she is jumping fences and running through random peoples yards.
Been there, I tried my best to make the readers heart race just as fast as mine
had that night. That cabin in the woods was based on a real place. Of course I
did not give the real directions but it does exist and her flashbacks I pulled
from my own memory banks. I tried my best to let everything, even her own
memories stay unique to her but some things were so powerful I needed that real
life experience to fuel it and in a small way, to feel connected to the story
on a personal level. Even if it was just in my own secret way.

10. What is your favorite part about being a mother?

It is the little things I enjoy the most. Watching him learn and grow. Everyday
he figures out something new. A new word, new trick, new game. Something as
silly as him saying thank you in Chinese or as simple as watching writing his
name for the first time just brings this burst of joy bursting through. The
greatest part though would have to be hearing him laugh. It don’t matter how
bad your day is or how bad things are falling apart around you, when he laughs
the world feels like a beautiful. You can’t beat the happiness that brings.

11. What is your least favorite part about being a mother?

The guilt. I know it sounds weird but it is there, constantly. It is a
demanding job being a full time mom. You need those breaks and that pampering
to screw your head back on right and make you feel normal. You wouldn’t think
that would be an issue but every time you call in a babysitter or buy something
for yourself you get this overwhelming sense of guilt. “I just left my baby so
I could do something I wanted to do.” or “I just went and spent $15 dollars on
a new shirt, I should of taken that and got my baby a new toy.” It is an awful
feeling that I try to avoid. People say it’s okay and it is good for you but it
sure don’t feel like it.

12. How often do you read?

I try to keep it at one book every couple weeks. I am the worlds worst becoming
obsessed with whatever I am doing and not putting it down till I am finished.
Example. I read the last Harry Potter novel before the movie came out, I
finished it in less than two days. That’s with me taking care of Wayne and
cleaning house. I did not sleep till it was finished. Phil gets on to me a lot
so I try and space them out the best I can and force myself to stop and go to
bed or clean the house.

13. What is your favorite type of stories and Authors to read?

I am a criminal suspense junkie. I don’t draw the line there though. I love
Faulkner, Poe (stories, not poems), Salinger, Bradbury and the list goes on. I
have to say though, my favorite author is Jeffery Deaver. He is a genius.

14. Would you consider reading new authors?

I would. I think everyone has the potential to write a grade A story/novel. It
takes a great deal of dedication to write something of that magnitude,
especially for the first time. I think every author deserves the chance to be
discovered even if it is by one person at a time and I am more than willing to
support that group of people who have the courage to put themselves out there
for scrutiny.

15. What advice would you give to others about being a stay at home mom?

No matter how bad you feel about it, you need that time. The last thing a
mother needs to do is to forget who they are. You’re not just Mommy, you have a
name. Just because you take a breather don’t mean you don’t love your kids.
Couple hours a week is not going to scar your children. Also realize you will
never be a perfect parent. Don’t beat yourself up over something silly like
missing a bath or running out of milk. As long as you do the best you can by
your kids, then that is good enough.


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