Interview with Author J.B DiNizo

She claims her late dog Spice was always photogenic and so she uses her picture often. I agree Spice does seem to enjoy the camera light.
J.B. DiNizo has wrote the following books:
  • The Folksinger and His Songs
  • Imperfect Past
  • Comings and Goings, A story of New Jersey Pinelands
  • Diary Secrets
J.B DiNizo was raised in Vermont in those golden years right after
World War II, but she has lived in New Jersey for over forty years. She
loves New Jersey and bemoans its reputation for corruption, high taxes,
and people with attitude. Mrs. Dinizo says,
“New Jersey is an old and historic state. After all, most of the
Revolutionary War was fought here. There are towns filled with fabulous
architecture of bygone times, a landscape that includes beaches,
pinelands, and mountains and people who are good souls, carin about each
other.” She lives at the New Jersey shore with her family and enjoys
writing stories about her adopted state. 
You can learn more about J.B. DiNizo at her website (here)


What made you want to
start writing?
I began writing as I had stories to tell. I drove my classmates crazy years ago
telling stories so I guess it was time to write down those ideas.

How do you get the
ideas for your characters?
The ideas for my characters just come to me, like Charlotte Rose in my story
“Diary Secrets” has been someone I’ve thought about for years.Do you add any real life experiences
into your books?

All my books are based upon situations I have lived through and people I
have encountered.

Which of your books was the most fun for
you to write?

“Comings and Goings” was the most fun to write. The leader of a writers
group I’m in said I just couldn’t sit there, I had to write. So I did.

What is one thing that you’ve seen
change the most as you’ve grown up?

As I have grown up and now am pushing “old”, what has changed most is
that people are no longer private about their lives, and life nowadays seems to
be more complicated.

What was it like to know Norman

Norman Rockwell was such a nice person, very everyday and accepting. My parents
square danced with him.

Did you ever get any of his work signed?

Many people that I knew had Norman Rockwell originals in their homes. I did
have a note from him, signed, but I gave it to an animal rescue group years

I hear he spoke to your graduating
class, was it an inspiring speech to you?

At the time of my high school graduation, Norman Rockwell had just done the
portraits of Kennedy and other leaders. His speech was just down to earth and

Do you read a lot?

Yes, I read a lot and I am a reviewer for Readers Favorite.

What is your favorite type of books to
read and what Authors?

I love mysteries and have to say that Charles Todd and Anne Perry top my list
of favorite authors. I also like unique books like “The Help”(read it
two years ago).

Would you consider reading new authors?

I am always on the outlook for new authors to read.

Do you like New Jersey or Vermont more?

I love Vermont but I love New Jersey as well, it’s old historic towns and
varied landscapes. The Pinelands here remind me of Vermont so much; they are
uninhabited and mysterious.

If you could spend the day with someone
who would it be? (dead or alive)

If I could spend the day with someone, I would spend it with Abraham Lincoln
who is my favorite President or I’d spend it with Mark Twain(Samuel Clemens).
He was an American original.

What other hobbies do you have?

My hobbies? Hm, being with my family, antiquing, gardening, being with my

What advice would you give to others
wanting to become authors?

My advice to others who might want to write? Writing is something that you just
do because you want to. If someone is compelled to write, then that’s just what
they should do. Sit down and write about that favorite cousin or uncle, the old
family farm, just write your words down and go with it!


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