Interview with Author Lee Brazil

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I am a former English grammar and composition instructor who relocated
from sunny Southern California to the countryside of Illinois a bit more
than a year ago. I occupy my days here with gardening, reading and
writing. Falling in love has been the biggest adventure of my life, and I
hope to share that with readers through my writing.






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1. What made you decide to start writing?
I started writing to entertain myself. I retired from
teaching and needed something to do. Time hangs really heavy on your hands when
there aren’t any lessons to plan or papers to grade.

2. How did you come up with your characters in your books?

Well, it’s kind of funny, but the characters come to me
differently. Some are inspired by a picture, others by a name, others by a
personality trait. The characters of Sully and Devyn in Because You’re You were
both inspired by photographs, the character of Mischa in Keeping House was
inspired by a plot need.

3. Do you relate with any of your characters?

All of them, really. There’s a little bit of me in every
character I write. Whether he likes to drink coffee, listens to old rock and
roll, or wears faded jeans, we have something in common.

4. Do you use any real life experiences in your books?

Not intentionally, but I think they seep in, you know?
How can you avoid it? When it comes time to describe a walk in the park at
sunrise,  you’re drawing on your own
experiences to get that scene on the page.

5. Which of your books was your favorite to write?

I enjoyed writing all of my books, but really The Librarian
made me laugh aloud while I wrote it. So, I’d have to say that was probably my

6. What is your favorite scene from your books?

I think right now I’m partial to the scene in Keeping
House where Donovan is enumerating all of Mischa’s piercings.

7. How do you enjoy Illinois? 

It’s great. We’re out
in the country, so we truly get to enjoy the seasons.

8. What is your favorite thing in your gardens? 

I like gardening, in
general. I enjoy being able to use fresh herbs in my cooking, so I guess the

9. Do you read a lot?

I read a lot.
Usually I read at least one book a day. I’ve gotten to where I don’t
like to leave a book unfinished, so I read shorter works than I did in the

10. What is your favorite type of books to read and what authors?

I enjoy mystery, romance and history. Some of my favorite
authors are Michael Connolly, John Sandford, Josh Lanyon, Amy Lane, and John Jakes.

11. Would you read a new authors book?

Sure. I read new authors all the time. Of course, if I read something by an author and I like it, then I buy their back list and read it. I
do become impatient waiting for the new books to come out. That can be a drag.

12. Do you have any hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, writing, music, gardening and

13. If you could spend the day with someone who would it be? (Dead or Alive)

Oh, that’s tough. I think, in today’s mood, I’d have to
say I’d like to spend the day with Percy Bysshe Shelley, the poet. He was so
romantic and passionate about the things he believed in. I imagine we could
drink a few bottles of wine and talk the night away.
Nothing in the world is single,

All things by a law divine

In one spirit meet and mingle – 

Why not I with thine?

14. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? 

I’m not much for
travel, but I’d like to go to Greece.
If only I could do it without actually getting on a plane or ship, that is.

15. What advice would you give to other people who want to become authors?

Don’t give up. Keep writing, keep
polishing, keep trying.

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