Interview with Author G R Holton

You can learn more about G R Holton at his website (here)
a warm summer morning in 1962, G. R. Holton was born in a little town
in Massachusetts. I am the second eldest in a family of eight children. I
have five sisters and two brothers. I am happily married and living in
eastern Tennessee. I was 23 years old when I was first diagnosed with
having Bipolar Disorder. I was told that I could no longer work. But in
1999, I met my soul mate, Charlotte. She brought me to know Christ and
life started looking up.

What made you
want to be an Author?
I never really wanted to become an author. But three years ago I
made a friend online who’s husband was a screenwriter and movie director. He
gave me a couple of scripts to read and I was hooked. I didn’t plan on writing a
novel. I wanted to write a great movie script, but the further I went into the
writing the more my mentor told me I was not writing in the style of a
screenplay that it was a novel instead. I went on from there and haven’t

 First off I want to thank you for your
service as a veteran, what service were you in?
I spent 4 1/2 years in the army Military Police. I actually still
miss the military way of life to this day.
 You’ve lived in multiple states, which
one do you enjoy the most?
Oh this one is easy. I spent three years in Hawaii and walked up
and down Waikiki beach eight hours a day/night. I would love to move back there
and retire.
 Are any of your characters in your books
based off of people you know?
Actually do I build some of my characters from people I know. The
teens from Soleri are all made after my children and Commander Milton and Dr.
Piers from Deep Screams are my best friends. Even Craddock the Captain of the
Marines in Deep Screams is fashioned on an old Drill Sergeant of
 Your books are mostly of sci-fi adult
paranormal type, what made you want to write a children’s book?
The idea came from a friend of mine. He was suggesting a book in
which there were two battling types of creatures. One from under the bed and the
other from under the dresser. I started to write it and found myself thinking,
well this would not give a message. I wanted to make a good book with a moral to
the story and to me not being judgmental is a great topic for kids to learn
early in life.
 Both of your books (Soleri and Deep
Screams) have won awards from, how does that make you feel?
The feeling is amazing. I never in my life thought I would be a
writer,  but then to win multiple awards for doing something I truly have
fallen in love with is almost as good as when I fell in love with my wife
 What is your favorite place to write at?
I write at my desk in the middle of the day with my headset on and
classic rock music playing loudly. I can write in silence, but the words flow
easier when my brain is occupied with multiple
 As a husband, father, and grandfather
(all full time jobs) how do you have time to write?
Being disabled I have all day to write. My children are all grown
and out of the house and it is now just my wife and I along with my Mom and our
dog Ewok. My wife is a full-time student going for her RN so she is constantly
busy studying, but we take time for date nights. My four granddaughters and all
over the place and so the only way I get to see them is a trip every now and
then and on Skype (I love that program!).
 Do you read a lot? I don’t read very much other than for authors/friends  doing
book reviews, other than that I don’t read for pleasure and that actually helps
me keep my writing from copying other people’s ideas.
 What are your favorite types of books to
read and your favorite authors?
When I do read for pleasure it is always science fiction… Asimov
and Bradbury.
 You have a new work in progress book,
what can we expect from it?
Dragon’s Bow is my attempt to cross over to the fantasy world of
writing. It is a very moving action/adventure set on a different world, but with
creatures similar to ones in mythology.
 What hobbies do you have? My biggest hobby is volunteering in my town. I am the President of
the Merchants and Friends of Etowah Association, on the Chamber of Commerce, on
the Etowah Arts Commission Board, a member of the Fourth of July Committee, and
I act sometimes with the local theater the Gem
 If you could spend the day with someone
who would it be? (Dead or Alive)
It would have to be my idol George Lucas. What I would give to
spend time with him and pick his brain. I love everything he has ever directed
and am a big time Star Wars fanatic.
 If you could travel anywhere in the world
you haven’t been where would you go?
I would go to Scotland…Aviemore to be precise. That is where my
ancestors on my Mom’s side are from. I am a MacPherson and we fought along side
William Wallace. I would love to visit the castles and maybe try a round of
 What advice would you give to new and
upcoming authors?
I have three words posted above my computer screen. Faith, Focus,
and Patience. Have faith in what you do…Keep your focus on what you are
writing about…and have the patience not to rush a story. By doing this I have
been able to write better and more consistently every

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