Interiew with Author Karen Dales

You can always find out more about Karen at her website (here)
Karen Dales is the Award Winning Author of “The Chosen Chronicles.”

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What made you want to be an
I’ve always wanted to be an author, ever since
I was a little girl. When I was in grade school we had a project to write and
‘publish’ our own stories. That’s when I got my first taste of being an author.

Where did the ideas for your characters come from?
Most of the characters in The Chosen Chronicles
come from an online role playing game I participated in many years ago. The
story idea was a bit similar, but I changed things a lot. Shadow of Death
extrapolates from there as I bring the characters to my home town in modern

Do you relate to any of your
I think I relate to all of my characters. I
believe a good author draws upon different aspects of oneself to create
different character.

How do your vampires differ from
those currently in the books, movies and tv series?
I think the biggest thing that makes them
different is that there is actually a mystery that surrounds them. In Angel of
Death, it is the vampires, the Chosen, who are being attacked. They are the
victims rather than the perpetrators of a crime. I think by doing this, yet
still allowing them their viciousness, it makes things more interesting and
Do you enjoy living in Canada?
I’m Canadian by birth and raising. I love this
country and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Here, the freedoms are
explicit in our Charter of Rights, and because of that, our constitution is
always changing to keep to those high ideals. It’s why legal marriage between
homosexuals is allowed/performed all across Canada, why a person can practice
their religion and not worry, why women who have unwanted pregnancies have a
myriad of options, why any Canadian, regardless of their income, will recieve
top medical care without worrying about whether they will have to file for
bankruptsy, etc. Not to mention the beauty of the nature across this country.
We’re only 30 million strong, but in one of the largest countries by land mass.
One can get lost and never see a human being again in parts of Canada.

How is Canada different then if
you lived in the United States?
I’ve never lived in the US so I can’t really
comment on that. My sister does, so I’ll draw upon what she’s said to me. She’s
astounded by the inability to speak her mind without drawing negative
attention. Even though she has excellent health insurance through her husband,
she STILL had to pay $6,000 in co-payments when she had her daughter –
something that would never happen in Canada. Going for walks around the neighborhood
is dangerous (and she lived in a very good neighborhood) because of gun crime.
She wants to come back to Canada, but her hubby won’t come because he has kids
there. I’m very happy to be a Canuck.

Where is your favorite place to
I primarily like to write in my office. It’s
also my library so I’m surrounded by hundreds of books.Description:

Did you have any special rewards
you gave yourself when your books published?
I usually treat myself with a shot of Sortilege
(maple syrup whiskey) and go out for dinner.Description:

Do you read a lot?
I LOVE to read and wish I had more opportunity
to do so. My TBR pile is HUGE, not only with paper books, but with books on my
Kindle. I am voracious in buying books, and when I have time, in reading them,

What are your favorite types of books
to read and your favorite authors?
My favourite genre to read is
paranormal/horror. I also read a lot of historical fiction and fantasy. Some of
my favourite authors are Kelley Armstrong, C.S. Friedman, Tad Williams, Steven
Erikson, Diana Gabaldon, Violette Malan, and Nancy Kilpatrick, just to name a
Would you read book by new
I am finding, more and more, that I’m reading
more new authors because I’m meeting a lot of them on Facebook. A few of them
are exceptional, but I’m picky because I’m also a freelance editor.Description:
What hobbies do you have?
Beside reading, my favourite hobby is to
crochet. I’ve gotten very good at it and have even made little character dolls
for my series called “Chibi Chosen.” I usually bring my crochet
wherever I go, but I mainly do it in front of the t.v. when watching shows and
movies with my family.

If you could spend the day with
someone who would it be? (Dead or Alive)
Hmmmm…that’s a tough question. I think I’d
want to spend the day with Gerald Gardner, the father of modern Wicca.

If you could travel anywhere in
the world you haven’t been where would you go?
I’d love to go to Japan for a month or so. In
fact, my hubby and I have plans that once our mortgage is paid off we are going
to save up to go there. We’re not so much interested in the cities, but rather
the rural areas. We’re big anime fans and my son is a sushi-a-holic. I also
have plans for a historical novel set in Edo period Japan. I’d love to go there
and see the sights myself.Description:

What advice would you give to new
and upcoming authors?
Two things: Never give and never surrender, and
make sure you have a good editor.Description:


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