Interview with Author Ciara Ryan/Ryan O’Leary

You can check out Ciara’s Author page on facebook (here)
Ciara talks about Ciara: 
I love wine, sex and I
absolutely refuse to write a word unless I’m wearing cashmere. I made a
little money modeling when I was younger and my uncle invested it wisely
for me, so I now take pictures part-time and spend most of my free-time
writing naughty erotic fiction ( maybe some of it isn’t exactly
“fiction” ) for you to enjoy.

Currently I have 10 short stories and 1 anthology available for purchase.


1. When did you decide you wanted to be an Author?
I never really
wanted to be an author, but growing up, I always thought writers were the
smartest people there was.

There have always been these little movies running through my brain. When I was
12, I wrote a screenplay. It was exactly what you’d expect from a 12 year old,
but I enjoyed doing it. Then when I was 16, my boyfriend showed me an episode
of The Red Shoe Diaries and the little movies in my head took a decidedly
naughty turn. I always wanted to write a book, so I wrote a romance novel. It
was incredibly difficult, and it took me a few years from start to finish, so I
gaev up on writing novels. But I still had the stories running through my head,
so every once in a while, I’d jot down pieces of them and eventually I was
writing little short stories.

I don’t really consider myself an ‘author’. Authors are people that write for a
living. They do book signing, their books get talked about on Oprah, and have
their work made into movies. I consider myself a ‘writer’, because it’s a hobby
to me. I’d do it whether people paid to read my work or not.

You always hear how hard it is, and how you’re not likely to make any money
doing it. I stumbled across this article that talked about erotic books and
people self-publishing their work on-line, so I did some research and started
uploading my work. If I make a couple bucks, great, if not, at least I tried.

2. How did you come up with the titles of your books?
I don’t think my
titles are all that creative, so it’s easy. I just think up a simple word or
phrase that conveys what the book is about. Let’s face it, Sex With Teachers
isn’t exactly poetry, but it gives you a good indication what you’re gonna get
if you buy the book.
3. How did you decide what events to put in your books?
I just write what
I see in my head. I don’t go into it with an outline or even a real plan. I
usually see the ending once I get the beginning. Then I work to get there.I
don’t know how I’m gonna get there going into it, I just go along with the
characters, they tell me what should happen next.
4. You were a model first do you think the courage to be a
model helped you have courage to write the stories you do?
I modeled in my
teens and was done with it by 20. I never expected to do it for the rest of my
life, but it was fun. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but thanks modeling, I
have a little more freedom to do something I enjoy and not have to worry about
money so much.

I’m not sure if it gave me the courage to do the writing I do now. Like
modeling, writing is fun for me. I stopped caring what people thought of me a
long time ago. If people don’t like my stories because they find them
offensive, or don’t like something else about them, that’s fine. The world
don’t move to the beat of just one drum/ What might be right for you, might not
be right for some. That’s how I see it. Plus, I like sex.

5. What treats do you give yourself when a book is
A bubble bath and
a glass of wine. I might go buy something, like a new skirt or earrings, it all
depends on my mood that day. It might sound corny, but I really enjoy writing,
so it’s kind of a reward in itself.
6. Barnes and Noble just recently picked up some of your
books, how does it feel to be growing into larger markets?
The idea of more
people reading your work is exciting. The books were distributed through
Smashwords, so it makes me feel good that I met their criteria for distribution
to the big retailers, because computers and formatting aren’t my thing.
7. How do you like living in Kentucky?
I love it. It’s
where I’ve always lived. I’d love to live in New York or Paris for a year or
so, just to see what it’s like, but Kentucky will always be my home.
8. What is one of the biggest things you’ve faced being a
self-published author?
The biggest
challenge by far, is being my own editor. I’m a story teller, not an editor. I
saw a review of my work on Amazon recently. The title was, Needs Editing. The
reviewer said that they loved the story, but the spelling mistakes and grammer
was a little distracting. I spent 3 days going over my stories and fixing them.
They weren’t unforgivable mistakes, just little typo’s and stupid stuff you
miss when you’ve read the same story a thousand times while you’re writing it.
But, I hate not doing things right.

A few friends have offered to help me edit, and I took them up on the offer 2
times, but I’m a person who hates to ask anyone for anything, so I mostly get
stuck doing it myself.

Also, figuring out all the formatting and conversion tricks was a painful
process, but I’ve got it mostly under control by now.

9. What can we expect from you this year?
Can’t say what
exactly to expect from me this year. More of the same I guess. I’d like to add
a couple more tales to my But I Need This Job series, and I’m looking forward
to finishing the Sex With Teachers series. I write in spurts, sometimes 5 or 6
days straight. Sometimes I won’t write a thing for 6 months. I’d like to think
that I have thousands more stories in my head, but I’ll be happy if I get 15
new ones this year.
10. Do you read?
I’ve never been a
big reader. I have friends that you never see without a book in their hand, but
I’m not like that. I might read 5 or 6 books a year, depending on how busy I
11. What is your favorite type of books to read and your
favorite authors?
When I am
reading, I read stuff people might not expect. I’ve read every Chuck Palahniuk
and Brett Easton Ellis book, but I’ve also read every Nicholas Sparks book ( a
few times). Carol Wolper is my favorite author, I absolutey love Cigarette Girl
and Secret Celebrity.I’ve read them every year since I got them. I’m a
sucker for romantic tales and girly stuff like Shopaholic, but you might also
find an Elmore Leonard book on my night table. Books are like everything else
in life, variety is the key.

I always tell my guys friends to read a girly book from time to time, and watch
rom-coms whenever they get the chance. It’ll help them understand us women, or
at the least, maybe inspire them to be a little more like Noah Calhoun, and
that can’t be a bad thing. I tell my girlfriends the same thing. Watch Troy
some time, not just for Brad Pitt either, but to help you better understand
guys. It’s the same with books.

12. What hobbies do you have?
13. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you
There’s a lot of
places I’d like to go. I’ve been to New York before, but I’d love to live there
for a bit. I’d also love to walk on the great wall of China, or visit any of
the other wonders.
I saw this clip of a waterfall in Africa that has a pool right at the edge of
it. I think it was called Devil’s Pool or something like that. You can sit in
the pool like it’s a hottub and you’re only a few feet from the edge. It was
awesome, and terrifying.
14. If you could spend the day with someone who would it be?
(Dead or Alive)
Someone that was
involved in something infamous. Maybe Marilyn Monroe, so I could ask her what
really happened the night she died. Or DB Cooper, whoever he may be.
15. What advice would you give to people that want to write
erotic stories?
The same advice I ‘d give to anyone that wanted to do
something. Just do it. Whether you’ve got a story to tell, a song to sing, or
another goal in your life, go for it. Life’s too short, do the things you want
now, cuz there may not be a later.

Also. Have fun with it, and don’t be shy 

Now that you’ve met Ciara how about we meet the person behind Ciara. That is right. Lets me the REAL Author. Ryan O’Leary!!!!  Using Ciara Ryan as a pen name he has finally come clean about who he really is. And we are glad to meet him…


Here are his answers as well himself! And here is a site you can catch some more info about him at (here)

1.When did you decide
you wanted to be an Author?
I’ve been writing pretty much all my
life. When I was 22, I had the idea to write a novel. I never expected to have
it published, but I didn’t care, I just thought it’d be cool to write a book.
Now, I want to be a professional author and not just a writer. I want to get
paid for my work, but more than that, I just want people to read the words I’ve

2. How did you come up with the titles of your books?
I just think of something that sums
up what the story is about. My Sex With Teachers series is about, well, it’s
about sexy young woman having sex with teachers. Not the most creative title,
but you know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy it.

3. How did you decide
what events to put in your books?
I just start writing. Writers always say that the
characters dictate the story, and it’s true for me.I usually base the event off
of a picture I’ve seen, or a fantasy I’ve had. Your gotta remember, I’m a guy,
so I’ve got sex on my brain pretty much 24/7. I know where I’m going when I
start writing, but how I get there, even I don’t know until the words start to
4. What are your
thoughts about writers who use pen names?
I feel the same way about pen names, as I do life,
whatever works for you, works for you. If people wanna do it, go ahead, it’s
their life, they can live it however they want. When I started writing erotica,
I wrote as Ciara Ryan, a 21 year old blonde girl from Kentucky. I figured that
women would rather read something written by one of them, than by a guy, so I
pretended to be Ciara, but it just didn’t feel right. I want people to know who
wrote the story they are enjoying. Here’s where being a guy comes into play, as
rewarding as it is to have people read your stories, an even bigger reward is
the idea that your words are bringing a female pleasure and turning her on. I
hope that doesn’t come off as sleazy, but for a guy, it just doesn’t get any
better than that.
5. What treats do you
give yourself when a book is published?
I actually wrote an article about this recently on One day I hope to cash a monster check from a publisher and buy a
Porsche or a cottage on the lake, but until then, I reward myself with a shot
of Jack Daniels when I finish a project. It sits on the shelf right above my
monitor and stares down at me while I write, begging to be drank.
6. Barnes and Noble
just recently picked up some of your books, how does it feel to be growing into
larger markets?
It feels great to be moving into more markets. Like
I said before, it’s an awesome feeling, knowing that people are enjoying
something you’ve written, and being on Barnes and Nobles site is another way
for people to find me. I’ve been offered a contract to publish a romance novel
I wrote, so there is another avenue for people to see my work.
7. How do you like
living in Ontario?
I love Canada. Corny? Maybe, but it great here. I
put skates on when I was 4 years old and haven’t taken them off. I hear about
all these problems other countries have, wars, recessions, violence and I just
can’t imagine what that is like to live with. Where I live, I can go to the
doctor whenever I need to and not have to worry about how I’m going to pay for it,
because it’s covered for me.
8. What is one of the
biggest things you’ve faced being a self-published author?
Editing. Editing. Editing. Grammar is my Achilles
heel. I’ve gotten a lot better at it in recent years, but it’s a struggle every
time I publish something. Friends offer to proofread my stuff for me from time
to time, but I’m the kind of person who hates to ask for anything and has
trouble accepting help, so I’m usually the one fixing my own mistakes. I miss a
few things here and there, but I think I do a pretty good job considering my
9. What can we expect
from you this year?
Expect much of the same from me. I’m going to start
writing under my real name, but the stories will pretty much stay the same. I
might write a couple stories from the male point of view, but they’ll still be
just as steamy as ever.
10. Do you read?
Not really. I used to read a lot, but I just don’t
seem to pick up books anymore. Along with writing erotica, I also write article
for (ROLEARY) and have other projects that fill my free time. I’ve
been reading Charlaine Harris’ Dead Until Dark for about three months now and
just past the hundred page mark, hopefully I’ll be done with it by Christmas.
11. What is your
favorite type of books to read and your favorite authors?
Brett Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk are my favorite
authors. I have all of their books. When I do read, I read a lot of True Crime,
because the truth is always stranger than fiction. That being said, I also have
a collection of Carol Wolpers work and have read Twilight and the first
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book. I’m fascinated by woman, absolutely
fascinated. I have this need to understand them and it’s probably what drove me
to start writing erotica in the first place. Sure, I’d chose wings and a hockey
game over a stitch and bitch any day, but put me in a room full of woman and I
could just sit and listen all night. One day I will decode the female species,
this I vow.
12. What hobbies do
you have?
I write, that is my hobby. I play mens league
hockey in the winter and soccer in the summer, but thats mostly just to feed my
competitive need and stay in shape. Writing is my hobby and always will be, the
goal is to turn it into my job one day.
13. If you could go
anywhere in the world where would you go?
Anywhere in the world? That’s a tough one. I’m not
a really a big traveler, but I’d love to join a couple of my friends on their
Bikini Lines project. They’re going to do the world’s largest painting on a
nuclear dumpsite called the Cactus Dome in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on
the Marshall Islands. Walking on the Great Wall is something else I’d like to
do before I die.
14. If you could
spend the day with someone who would it be? (Dead or Alive)
Frank Sinatra, hands down. I’m a huge fan and I’d
love to hear the stories that guy could tell.
15. What advice would
you give to people that want to write erotic stories?
Write them. At first I was worried
that I would be too bashful to write about sex, but once I started and saw how
much fun I was having, it was pretty easy. Also, they can read an article I
wrote at Look up ROLEARY and you’ll find an article that gives
you the basics on how to get started writing erotica.

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