Interview with Author Sheri Larsen

You can follow Sheri at her blog (here)
Sheri’s Bio by Sheri:
♥ Hi! I’m a published freelance and short story writer; YA & MG
author of all paranormal and wacky stuff, and the average tween/teen who
happens to be not so average, and I write picture books. Currently my
YA Paranormal Romance manuscript is with agents, and I’m working on a
new YA dystopian/paranormal and a few picture books. I’ve also recently
submitted one of my picture books to a publisher’s contest. I’m a member
of and moderator for our MG Lair. 

made you want to become an Author?
I’m a dreamer by
nature. I’ve always loved make believe and how it can apply to real life. Being
a movie buff as a tween/teen, I used to deconstruct films scene by scene and
then add my preferences or touches. Life moved on, and I married. My love for
storytelling gained new breath, when I had my kids. They grew and kept me more
than busy. But about four years ago, I decided it was time to do more. Thus –
the birth to becoming an author was born.
2.         How do you come up with the ideas for
your stories?
walk through life with my eyes wide open, paying attention to details in nature
and the world in general. People are the most interesting. Also, living with
four children gives me plenty of material, not to mention all their friends
hanging out at our house. 
3.         Do you relate to any of the characters
in your books?
probably a snippet of me in each of my characters. Sometimes more. I often
spice a character’s persona with elements I admire, would love to possess, or
want to avoid.
4.         Are any of your book characters based
on people you know?
When I was writing my first YA novel, I sent a few scenes to an old friend to
alpha read for me. She called me and said, “Your character Derek reminds me a
lot of XXX from high school.” And you know what? She was correct. I’d
subconsciously written about that guy from high school who I always thought was
a jerk. lol
5.         You write YA, MG and Picture books,
which do you have the most fun writing?
question. I enjoy writing each and for totally different reasons. Picture books
are my way to remain in childhood, preserve some innocence in the world.
Writing middle grade gives me the chance to stretch that innocence, mingle it
with the challenges of puberty and self-discovery tweens go through, and add
some silliness in there. Young Adult is the largest canvas of the three. I can
use all the above, while increasing the intensity on life issues, the world,
growing up, romance, relationships, and the list goes on.
6.         You’re a wife and mother of 4, how do
you find time to write?
all four kids in school, I usually write in the mornings. I do, however, still
write at night on occasion. Basically, I commit to write every day, even if
just for an hour or talking out scenes in the car, while driving kid A to point
C and kid B to point D. 
7.         How do you like living in Maine?
can’t imagine living anywhere else. Plus, we’re an ice hockey family. Maine is
a great place for hockey.
8.         What do you do to relax when times get
usually hangout with my kids, laugh, and let myself fall into their world just
for a bit. A good movie or book works, too.
9.         Recently you got to dress up as a
princess and have tea with children, what was that experience like?
was a picture book in the making for me. The best part was it brought me back
down to a child’s level, reminding me that childhood is about wonder and awe,
expression and honesty, and seeing the world with hope.
10.       Do you like to read?
much. I beta read and edit others work, plus I read for publishers and review
11.       What type of books do you enjoy and who
are your favorite authors?
a love sap, so romances are high on my list. I love anything paranormal, wacky,
or a bit out of the box and unexpected. But all must have passion in element,
plot, characters, and all emotions. I enjoy strong characters, even those who
are unsure of themselves. Some of my favorite authors are Jane Austen, Stephen
King, LJ Smith, Dr. Suess, TCornelia Funke, and Meg Cabot. 
12.       Recently you ran for Mrs. Maine America
2012, how intense is a pageant like that?
depends on the way you look at it and how you bring your life experiences to
the stage. I’ve been a dancer all my life, performing in front people. It felt
normal to me. The interviews and platform parts were me merely bringing my life
of wife (for 20 years) and mother (for 18 years) front and center, and sharing
myself and the wisdom I’ve gained.
13.       If you could go anywhere in the world,
where would you go?
Greece or Rome. I love mythology, architecture, and the Arts.
14.       If you could spend one day with someone
who would it be? (Dead or Alive)
first thought is Jane Austen. She not only was a master at craft, story, and
characters, but she did it all during a time when woman simply didn’t. 
15.       What advice would you give to others
that want to become an Author?
study and hone the craft, write every day, and NEVER give up.

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