Interview with Journalist and National Geographics Society Developer Adnilton Alves

You can follow more on Adnilton at his blog (here)


1. You are listed as a National Geographic Society
Developer, What does this job do?

I am a cultural attaché at the National Geographic Society,
and am a volunteer here at the center-west Brazil,providing photographic data
and materials on geological events in partnership with research institutes in
botany, geology and biology and even photographs …

2.  You are also
listed as a Freelance Photographer, where is your favorite place to take

The entire region of the Brazilian Center-West, including
the Chapadão Parecis, Chapada dos Guimarãesand other regions that are national
parks, this includes a part of western Amazonia.

3.   Do you prefer
taking pictures of plants or animals?

All, without exception

4.  You went to school
for Journalism, what was your favorite paper you wrote during school?

The raw field service convenient, interviews, research files
unresolved, investigative journalism. And of course, morphology study technique
with nature, with technical material written for laymen.

5.  What are you
currently working on?

In the production of a book, which is exactly the content of
my blog, that is, the blog in print! Also I am in advertising, on how
professional, several advertising agencies in Brazil.

6.  You live in
Brazil, South America, what is it like living in Brazil?

I live in the Midwest of Brazil, is a typical region of
cerrado vegetation arid savanna, only a little more rustic,but more trees …
But the climate is very dry and warm all year round, with temperatures between
29 and 38variants Celsius

7.  I’ve heard the
rainforest in Brazil is amazing, have you ever got lost in it?

I’m living in Manaus, capital of Amazonas, resided there for
08 years in a row, I know all the High and LowSolimões, which includes all the
tributaries of the Amazon River, beautiful forest, never got lost in my
travelsin the forest, but I rather rough time. But the beauty and evidence of
being a unique place, worth any sacrifice.

8.  Brazil is home to
some very exotic life, what is one of your favorite things to see there?

A great mix of cultures of various races, such as Italian,
African, Portuguese and many others, even Brazilhas very exotic culturally,
then this multicolored variety of holiday traditions and lifestyle brasilieiro,
stripped and very lively and accessible is the my greatest pleasure. But what I
really like is the pleasure of travelingthrough this vast country in Peace, and
the Brazilian coast is very large, and all the beaches, it is good for a nice
swim in the sea or inland!

9.  When you need time
to yourself just to relax, where do you go or what do you do?

I go to my farm … she is a mountainous area in the Chapada
dos Guimarães, have a rich photographic material never published here on the
internet … I’m saving it to illustrate my blog that will become a printed
book .. when I have time, I travel there, and I week …

10. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you


11.  If you could
spend the day with someone who would it be? (Dead or Alive)

With the woman who dream to have, I would love to give all
this love that is saved in my heart for a while that I am alone, without a real
girlfriend, a fellow that’s really it. But not just once, but the life I have

12.  You speak
multiple languages, which one was the hardest to learn?


13.  What hobbies do
you have?

I take my car, and when I’m on the highway, I hear my
favorite songs, go to low speed for about 300 miles, then come home, open a
bottle of dry red wine, put my favorite videos, and go to the kitchen … and
so on …

14.  What type of
music do you like to listen to?

Katherine Jenkins, Sarah Brightman, Emma Shapplin, Andrea
Bocelli, Vivaldi, Strauss, Gustav Mahler, AtifAslam, Elissa Bastanak, Sergio
Endrigo, Rita Pavone, Soundtracks, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Brian Ferry, Beyonce …

15.  What advice would
you give others that want to join the journal and photography field?

Engage emotionally and psychically, with all your heart,
sharpen the vision related to your olfactory sensesand the digital finger, and
then follow your intuition and very, very patient for the best picture, best
text, the best moments of inspiration that arise in moments abruptly or more
unusual, just so, the thing comes filtered,purified and exalted.

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