Interview with Author D. J Kile

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Devin J.A. Kile. Born on September 11th, 1990. A born and bred Southern Belle which is Currently living in Fulton, Missouri with her fian’ce and pets. Right now she is attending college, majoring in creative writing. She began writing at an extremely young age and has continued writing non-stop. She also is a horsback riding instructor and freelance photographer. Her current project is The Unforgiven, book one in the Unholy Trinity Chronicles. At this time The Unforgiven is in the top 20 best rated books on


1. What made you decide to start writing? Well, growing up I was an only child and since I lived in a
small town I didn’t have many neighbors to play with so I wrote, it began with
copying dictionaries and slowly developed into books about horses or cookbooks
for dogs. When I got older I began writing fan-fictions of my favorite
television shows because I had a different vision of how the episodes should
play out and soon discovered that I preferred writing my own stories, with my
own characters because I could escape into their world when life became too
hard and I could live vicariously through them.

2. How did you come up with the characters in your books? To begin I came up with a basic plan of what I wanted them to
look like, then I research interesting names and possible background stories,
but I always added part of myself or people I knew into the personalities of
the characters which brought them to life, and made them relatable which I
believe is a key trait to any book, if you can relate to a character the book
takes on a life of its own and can hook you not just with words but emotions as

3. Do you relate to any of the experiences in your books? I try to write a lot of experiences in my books that I relate
to because the books are extensions of myself and I know if I have probably
experienced some things it’s likely that others, perhaps potential readers have
also and maybe my book will have some deeper meaning to them. Perhaps make them
remember fond or long locked away memories that their soul would do well to

4. Which book did you enjoy writing the most? This is a hard question because all my books are labors of
love, but my pride and joy is my book titled The Unforgiven, a story which came
to me in a dream and once I decided to put it on paper it began to evolve and
it might sound strange but sometimes I feel like my characters lead me through
the book, it practically writes itself sometimes which makes it exciting to
work on.

5. How do you like living in Missouri? Living in Missouri has its ups and downs for sure, example
the weather. A common joke in this state is if you don’t like the weather just
wait five minutes and it’s bound to change. Which is completely true most days,
but during the summer it’s a gorgeous state with a lot to offer, one of my
favorite places in this world is located in Camdenton, Missouri it is called Ha
Ha Tonka state park, what it preserves is castle ruins and wonderful nature
that always inspires my writing. I have many fond memories of the people and
places here, overall it’s a wonderful place.

6. You’re a riding instructor; do you do all riding or just
certain ages? When I became a riding instructor I
quickly decided that the pleasure of having the ability to become one with the
majestic animal that is a horse should not be limited to certain ages. So I am
willing to teach anyone, of any age except for those who cannot physically
ride. I also teach two of the four seats which make my students a bit more
versatile in the equestrian community.

7. You’re a freelance photographer, what’s your favorite
thing to photograph? My favorite thing to photograph is
animals, wild and domesticated. I am a devoted animal lover and there is just
something in their souls that shines through a photo making them the perfect
subject. But an extremely close second is the military especially during
homecomings, because of the emotion and pure courageousness you can capture. I
discovered this during my fiancés homecoming from his deployment in Iraq, the
love in that room was any photographers dream to try and capture.

8. What is your favorite place to go to write? My favorite place to write is sitting on my bed, curled up
with my pillows listening to music making a sort of soundtrack to my stories as
I write them.

9. Do you read a lot? I try to read
at least two hours a day if I can, I find it a stress reliever and a great tool
to get rid of writer’s block.

10. What is your favorite type of books to read and authors?
My favorite genre of books to read is most definitely
fiction, the realm of writing where the impossible is made possible. I am a
sucker for anything vampire related. Some of my favorite authors include Anne
Rice, Christopher Pike, Lauren Kate, Beth Fantaskey, Tanya Huff, Lilith
Saintcrow, Stephen King, and Margaret Mitchell. All of these authors are beyond
gifted with the art of the written word and have inspired many choices that I
make within my own novels.

11. You’re working on a trilogy, what can we expect from
this trilogy? Well, my trilogy is called The Unholy
Trinity Chronicles; it surrounds seven demons that are created during a time in
their life that they need revenge above all other things. Each book will
surround one of the seven and a line of books will follow each of those, for
example Book One is The Unforgiven, based in the state of Louisiana, it
surrounds the demon of rampart, known as Dean Cathal and his struggle with a
Southern temptress that holds the secrets of his past and the key to his future
within her dreams. Appearing in this book are two more of the demons from the
series. There is love, lose, a lot of action and mystery involved along with
time travel that will consume you within the tangled web of deception these
demons weave .

12. Do you have any hobbies? Well
besides reading and writing, I am an avid movie goer; I also love to play my
trumpet, work with my German shepherd and horses and just hang around with my
friends enjoying life to the fullest.

13. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you
go? I would go to New Orleans, Louisiana during Mardi
Gras, the atmosphere just buzzes with excitement.

14. If you could spend the day with someone who would it be?
(Dead or Alive) This is a hard question because I have
family that I would love to see again, but from a literary stand-point I would
probably spend the day with Jensen Ackles, I would just love to pick his brain
to find out how he makes the characters he portrays come to life, also he isn’t
that bad to look at either.

15. What advice would you give to other people who want to
become adult industry writers or advice people? I would
tell them keep to what you love, never give up on your passions. Get on some
writing websites and share your work, send it into publishers or self-publish,
in this day and age there is no reason to not go after your dreams.

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