Interview with Author Lindsay Downs

You can learn more about Lindsay on her website (here)

Bio off Lindsay’s website:
I’ve been writing off and on for more
years then I can remember. First for local weekly newspapers. I also
did several articles for magazines. I was later publisher, editor,
writer and photographer for a newletter. As a photographer, I spent two
weeks in 1990 with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Below
you’ll find a link to some of my photos they have on file.
About three
years ago I tried my hand a historical fiction. I couldn’t get past the
first three pages. It was then I, by accident, read a romance novel.
Needless to say, I found what I wanted to write. Romance. For the last
two years I’ve done nothing but. Paranormal and straight romance.
I’m fortunate in that my job allows me time to write at work.
Currently I’m
Vice President of Outreach International Romance Writers, a SIC, with
RWA and Membership Chair of FF&P, another SIC.
I live in Connecticut with my Collie, Kebi, who’s a rescue Collie.

A Body in the Attic
Special Agent Emily Dahill, Dakota along with her team of
technicians are sent to Master Sergeant Annabelle Carlyle’s Victorian style
house for what they think is a simple break-in. What they find however, turns
out to be even more ominous and far reaching.
A secret passageway leads to a mysterious gunshot. When the
prime suspect is cleared they still have no clue who the shooter is, or why.
Could the shooter be the same individual who took a shot at Dakota?
Add into the mix the FBI and their unexpected involvement in the
Soon they learn the break-in had been a cover-up for a more
nefarious crime. One that involves Emily’s nemesis, the brown-haired man, and
millions of dollars being sent to terrorists.
Will they solve the case before the money disappears forever and
more bodies turn up? Not even the inestimable Dakota is sure.

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for A Body in the Attic are forthcoming. 

A Dog Gone Christmas
When a call for paws goes out, five friends bring their collies
without question to a friend’s house. They learn the collies are needed to help
seven children with the grief of losing a parent in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now,
with seven friends, four collie yearlings and their mother, they set out to
help the children
Not far away a mother hopefully
leads her seven puppies to safety from a man intent on selling them for illicit
By a miracle of fate the two mother
collies find each other right before the man sells the puppies.
That Christmas morning will be one
the children will remember all their lives and they are united with the

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To request an autograph on your kindle (her author


Emily Dahill, CID Part
Final Mission-After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in
Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army
career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be?
A Body in the Snow- Emily and her partner, Dakota, cross bullets
with their most determined foe. Who will survive?
Right Place, Wrong Day-On leave to hang with friends Emily gets
the surprise of her life.
Dog on Fishing-When it comes to knowing how to fish, and catch
the big ones, never underestimate your partner. He might surprise you.
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Dahill, CID Part 1-
To request an autograph on your kindle (her author
What made you decide to become
an author?
I’ve always
loved to write, usually in my own style which drove my English teachers crazy.
It wasn’t until I started reading the same book over and over, oh the title and
author was different, that I decided to try writing. Since then I haven’t
looked back.
Is your character Dakota based
on your own dog Kebi?
Some of the
characteristics of Dakota I took from my Kebi. Two in particular being loyalty
and protecting of his human, notice I didn’t use owner because with collies, at
least, it’s a debatable issue on who actually owns whom.
Are any of the events in your
books based on real life experiences?
All the
events are fiction whoever I will use real locales to help bring the story to
life and add realism.
Do you relate to any of your
Not really.
Except for Dakota, who is also my muse, they are characters who try to solve
What was your favorite scene to
It’s really
hard for me to pinpoint one scene that was my favorite to write. In Dog Gone
Fishing where I have Dakota catching the fish with his paw fur is a favorite. Though
my editor liked the scene where he, Dakota, pees on the soldier’s rifle.
I think
without a doubt though the scenes in the Christmas story with Sasha and her
puppies were the most enjoyable, and hardest, to write. Doing them gave me a
really good opportunity to show my readers what they were going through.
How do you enjoy Connecticut?
It’s okay. We
do have the four seasons but the winters and subsequent cold is starting to get
to me. Now that I’m retired a warmer year round climate is starting to look
more and more appealing.
As a photographer what was your
favorite place to take pictures?
I really
never had a favorite place as it didn’t focus so much on a specific type of
subject matter. For two brief periods I was in Washington DC and the diversity of
subject matter was a challenge. One minute I could be shooting a homeless vet
sleeping on a bench, the next taking pictures of a statue or monument.
Do you read a lot?
Yes but not
nearly as much as I want to. Seems the writing keeps getting in the way. Not
that I mind but a little relaxation is always good to refresh the mind.
What is your favorite type of
book to read and your favorite authors?
My genres of
choice is Regency and Victorian but I have been known to read most any, not
erotica. Since I write in the female POV reading a Regency, specially with the
very domineering male hero, helps me to get focused on the heroine more for my
writing. And I think it makes for a stronger character.
As far as my
favorite author, the one I’m reading now. I prefer not to mention an author’s
name for fear of leaving someone out.
Where is your favorite place to
Starbucks but
now that I’ve started to set up a home office I’m starting to spend more time
What hobbies do you have?
Reading and
playing Words with Friends.
Do you do anything special to
reward yourself when you publish a book?
When you say
‘publish a book’ are you talking about signing the contract or the day the book
is released. When the book is released no, I’m too involved in promoting the
new release to do much of anything. When the contract is signed I’m looking
forward to the edits, cover art and all that goes along with getting the book
set for its release.
I’m also
probably already engrossed in writing the next book to take personal time to
If you could go anywhere in the
world where would you go?
Fort Leonard
Woods to observe the training of Special Agents for the Army’s CID unit to get
a better understanding of they how and why they do things.
If you could spend the day with
anyone who would it be? (Dead or Alive)
My mother who
died in 1997. I think some of my heroine Emily Dahill I get from her strength,
tenacity and perseverance.
What advice would you give to
others that want to become an Author?
Learn the craft. Don’t choose
the genre you want to write, let it choice you. But even more importantly,
write, write and write some more. Never get discouraged and give up. And NEVER
listen to those that say you’ll never be an author. They’re jealous they can’t
do what you are doing.

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