Book Review: The Unknown Enemy

Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: The Unknown Enemy
Author:  B. J.
About the Author: 
Blandy Littrell was born in Waynesville, North Carolina in 1988. She now
lives in eastern Tennessee after moving in 2008.

Book Description: Danni Lane’s husband, Ronnie, has vanished
without a trace. After years of infidelity Danni assumes he ran away with a
mistress but the police believe that Ronnie may be missing due more sinister
reasons.  Sick of the accusations Danni
takes the hunt for Ronni into her own hands. Can Danni find Ronnie and prove
her innocence before it is too late?

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My Review

Story Line:  The story
line is intense. As each day passes you learn more and more small details that
unfold the truth. Questions continue to pop up with no answers to previous
questions. Then slowly small details are revealed that give you a shock that
you don’t really expect.
Characters: The main characters are Danni, her sister Molly,
Detective Taylor and Detective Ian, and later in the story Dewayne.
My Favorite Character: I actually had two favorites. I
enjoyed Danni for being the strong woman she was. Facing all the obstacles she
was put up against and being able to dig down into her soul and fight them to
keep her family together. Dedication, love and strong willed are some words
that come to mind after reading and learning about her.  My other favorite is Detective Ian he is
dedicated to his job and is thrilled for the chance of a big case like this.
Through it all he continues to keep an open mind about Danni but soon has no
choice but with so much against her he doesn’t know if he can find the proof he
needs to prove what his gut tells him.
My Favorite Part:
Ian is troubled and can’t sleep after new evidence and
assumptions are made. I love this scene because it helps us see cops as real
people. They are not machines. They have feelings. They are affected by their
work.  I think it brings a new look into
the lives of cops and helps us see them as more human than many people seem to
look at officers.
Full Concept: Over all I think the book has strong characters
and great depth. I felt the adrenaline and sorrow in parts. I felt the
determination. The author does a wonderful job describing the emotions and
thoughts the characters are going through. I can picture the scenes in my mind
as I read along.
Overall Rating:  4 out
of 5. I love the story. But I did find myself lost in a few places and at times
I even questioned if it was all possible to get away with some of the things
that Danni gets herself into. I think I need a pair of her lucky jeans.
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