Book Review: Agent of Artifice




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Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: Agent
of Artifice
Author: S. Evan
About the Author:
S. Evan Townsend has been called ‘America’s Unique Speculative Fiction Voice.’
Evan is a writer living in central Washington State. After spending four years
in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence branch, he returned to civilian
life and college to earn a B.S. in Forest Resources from the University of
Washington. In his spare time he enjoys reading, driving (sometimes on a
racetrack), meeting people, and talking with friends. He is in a 12-step
program for Starbucks addiction. Evan lives with his wife and two sons, one in
high school the other in college. He also has a son attending the University of
Washington in biology. He enjoys science fiction, fantasy, history, politics,
cars, and travel.
Book Description:
They live among us. We know they are there. No government can control them; no
authority can stop them. Some are evil. Some are good. All are powerful. They
inhabit our myths and fairy tales. But what if they were real, the witches,
wizards, and fairy godmothers? What if they were called “adepts” and
were organized into guilds for mutual protection and benefit? And what if they
started mucking around with the affairs of “lessers” (that is, those
humans not able to match their powers)? During the height of the Cold War,
Michael Vaughan is a rogue without a guild. He survives by working for the CIA
as NOC (Non-Official Cover). Shortly after the funeral of President Joe
Kennedy, Jr., he is sent to Cuba to assassinate Castro. There he finds himself
in a cat-and-mouse game with adepts working for Fidel

My Review

Story Line: Moving
from city to city to protect himself, help his friend and find out what is
going on Michael finds himself in an adventure so unreal he is caught off guard
at times. With his senses always on high and his mind quick at everything it’s
no wonder that he can keep his cool even with radioactive zombies around.
Vaughan and many more.
My Favorite Character:
Michael Vaughan. He is funny and smart and quick. Strong and quick on his feet.
My Favorite Part:
I like a part in Chicago where he meets with a Mobster to get his weekly pay.
While they talk you learn more and more about Vaughan and his situation. You
also learn that not everyone is out to get you when the rest of the world is.
Full Concept: Enjoyable.
I loved reading and wondering what the next move was going to be. Who was going
to be involved and where we would find our person going next. Each location
brought new insight, new wonder and new challenges to figure out. Bringing us
closer to the end and yet still bringing us more questions.
Overall Rating: 4
out of 5 stars. I’m not sure if the author was trying or not but I found this
story very humorous. Yes it was also filled with action and wonder but so many
things had me laughing it was a wonderful read.
Grab your copy today!

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