Book Review: Misguided Sensitivity

Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: Misguided
Author: Philip
About the Author:
Philip Nork was born in Chicago, Illinois and is the oldest of three children.
His early years were devastating as he endured the divorce of his parents, the
death of his beloved great-grandmother, and the resulting feelings of isolation
and loneliness. While these events took their toll, they also shaped the man he
grew up to be. Phil had a different perspective than his friends and his
experiences were totally unique. As his young male friends were busy playing
baseball, defending their turf, and hitting on girls, his time was spent
reading, listening to music, writing his feelings down in his journal and
trying to understand the differences in people and to figure out how “we can
all get along.” Philip Nork resides in Henderson, Nevada with his family, where
he mixes writing with life. Visit his website, and become a
fan at
Book Description:
The journey we are on is a difficult one, even more so for
those from a broken family.
Follow one boy as he searches for the two desires we all
have in common: to be accepted by others, and to be
truly happy.
Life continues through the good and the bad, and each and every person you meet
along the way leaves pieces behind, like a jigsaw puzzle, for you to piece
together as you grow and learn. And as you put those pieces
together, you hopefully become a better person for it.
We are indeed all connected, and everything you do really does matter and will
always affect someone else in one way or another.
Overall Rating: 5
out of 5 stars. The story of this boy growing into a man and the choices he
makes are touching. Not really as much as aww how sweet but more in the it
touches your soul and connects you with the story. The struggles and choices
you read are so in depth that you can’t help but feel the emotions running
through the people in the story. As you meet each new person and learn about them
you really notice we are all the same on the inside. We all really do have
problems and face challenges that we don’t always voice. And all we really want
is to feel loved, safe and comfortable in our own skin and with those around
Grab your copy today!

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