Book Review: Legends of the Lake

Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: Legends
of the Lake
Author: Philip
About the Author:
Family vacation…visions of camp grounds, roller coasters, and long drives
through the darkness of night may come to your mind. All of us at one time or
another have spent time together as a family, whether you want to admit it or
not. The same is true for our little group, although our family vacations were
always at the same place year in and year out for over seventy years. Not only
did those days teach us about who we were and where we came from, but also led
to some very interesting discoveries. While going through these adventures many
times we may have thought to ourselves–but never dared to say out loud–what a
waste of time, or never again. But as the youngest of the generations get
older, these times of yesteryear have become the backbone of our family; the
stories handed down allow us to remember those who have passed on and even
those that some may never have met. And they constantly remind us that all of
us are indeed a family.
Book Description:
Philip Nork was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. After
moving to Nevada and accepting a job which left him on the road way too often,
he started having dreams…dreams about the women of his life and how they
impacted him. After jotting down these “memories” and being able to
mold them all into a manuscript that not only told an “interesting and
unique story,” but left a heartwarming message at the end, he decided to
publish this real-life fiction piece on his own to see what would happen. Would
people connect with his journey of self-discovery?
According to all sources they would and have. In fact, Apex Reviews stated
“Straightforward and refreshingly candid…an impressive presentation of a
life with a plethora of helpful lessons to share.”
Overall Rating: 5
out of 5 Stars. Family vacations can bring back a lot of memories. This story
lets you follow the summer of vacation. I truly felt like I was part of the
family enjoying the lake, fires, fresh lemonade, and learning from life
experiences with the characters.  The
memories of once you are older and wishing you could go back. This truly is a
book to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.
Grab your copy today!

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