Book Review: Joining The Club


Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: Joining
the Club
Author: Susan
About the Author:
Susan McGeown is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, uncle (don’t
ask), teacher, author, but, most importantly, a “woman after God’s own
heart”. Living in Bridgewater, New Jersey, with her husband of over
fifteen years and their three children, writing stories is just about the best
way she can imagine to spend her free time. Each and every one of Sue’s stories
champions those emotions nearest and dearest to her: faith, joy, hope and love.Sue is now represented by Paige Wheeler of Folio Literary Management in NYC!

Book Description:
My name is Elaine. Talk to my daughter Olivia and she’ll mention my lousy
maternal instincts, blatant favoritism towards her sister, one-sided loyalties,
and convenient memories regarding my personal disasters. My friend Callie will
tell you I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter Erin and a
spectacular relationship with my grandson. She’s quick to point out that I’m “strong,
capable, and resilient.” Then there’s Alec. He says I’m the toughest woman
he’s ever dealt with. He says that I’m smart and sharp and not at all shy or
hesitant about speaking my mind. And he’s also quite certain that I’ve
eviscerated lesser men. Actually, I’m a moderately capable, semi-competent,
usually reliable, vaguely lonely and uniquely insecure. Best served up in
small, carefully managed dosages for the most successful result. Like strong
cough syrup. Or Milk of Magnesia. Not intended for small children, not to be
taken regularly, and never to be mixed with alcohol.
Overall Rating: 3
of 5 stars. I personally could not relate to the author. I haven’t been in her
shoes and felt the pains she has. This however also tended to put up a semi
wall that was keeping me from fully connecting with the main lady. HOWEVER,
Susan does a wonderful job conveying the author’s feelings and the way each
situation and interaction she has makes her who she is. Hiding secretes and
mixed emotions.
Grab your copy today!

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