Book Review: When Red Is Blue

Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: When
Red Is Blue
Author: Sabrynne
About the Author:
Sabrynne McLain received her B.A. and M.S. degrees from Michigan State University
and then went on to hold numerous positions in marketing, operations and
finance in the U.S. and U.K. In addition to her first published article in the
Journal of Consumer Marketing, she has written for travel and lifestyle
websites such as and During her tenure as a financial
adviser, she was also asked to write a three-part series on financial planning
for Scottish Woman magazine. She currently divides her time between writing
(her author blog, the occasional article and her next novel) and running an
editing and proofreading business. She lives in Edinburgh, U.K. with her
partner Gareth Thomas and a very demanding cat named Barnaby. When Red Is Blue
is her first novel.
Book Description:
Kate Faraday, a young woman from a small town in Michigan, dreams of leaving
her past behind her and moving to California. But when her schizophrenic mother
is found dead in a ravine, Kate is forced to examine her conflicting emotions
over her mother’s death, while coping with the demands of her alcoholic father
and local residents who witnessed the shame of her childhood. In the end, Kate
discovers that the most difficult relationship to reconcile is the one she has
with herself. When Red Is Blue is a fictionalized account of events that took
place during Sabrynne McLain’s childhood and twenties. It paints a vivid
picture of the emotional trauma and self-esteem issues faced by children of
dysfunctional parents, while leading the reader through a journey of
self-discovery and self-acceptance.
Story Line: You
follow Kate through multiple memories and moments in her life. You watch her
deal with issues with her father, issues with her mother, and issues with
Sofia, Colin, Kate,  Kate’s father, and
the whole town of Cooper
Full Concept: I
believe this book does a masterful job showing how a family can be torn apart
by mental issues and yet still trying to make everything work. How secretes are
kept from friends for the hope of being normal and not having them look down at
the mentally sick. It shows how one struggles to deal with the sick person and themselves.
Overall Rating: 4
out of 5 stars. I enjoyed this book. Following the struggles that a mentally
ill family member can cause for themselves, their family, and those around them
is hard. Nobody can truly make you feel and understand these struggles however
this book does give you a really close attempt at that. Mental illness is hard
to go through, hard to understand and hard to explain.  This book has a strong base of knowledge on
the issues and conveys it to the reader in an insightful story. Very enjoyable
Grab your copy today!

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