Book Review: Change By Design


Book Review by Toni G. Sinns
Book Title: Change
By Design
Author: Catrina
About the Author:
A single mom to a special needs child and his creative sister, Catrina Taylor’s
greatest passion is her family. Writing is a close second. Between the energy
devoted to running her home and creating her world, she works to make time to
read, support other writers, spend time with her sisters and extended family.This science fiction writer is a fan of the genre, and the endless
possibilities it brings.

Book Description:
Kei Salin has been watching young lives fall to faulty bureaucratic nonsense
for decades and she’s tired of it. She forces the hand of her superiors to
remove her from the project. Before obtaining her reassignment,she takes a
One stop on her vacation forces her to reveal something
she’s denied for decades.
Story Line: You
follow Kei through her troubles with how her director is treating a special
type of race/people. How she struggles with developing products that are sent
out before they are fully tested to be safe and in result ends up killing many
that don’t have to die. Her director ignores these concerns and even brushes
them off as if the lives of others don’t matter. Kei is given a chance to help
but can she come to terms with herself in order to take on this roll?
Characters: Kei,
My Favorite Part: When
Dak and Kei meet up for lunch and his gives her a big talk about how she is the
only one that can really make a difference for the people she is trying to
Overall Rating: 4
out of 5 stars. I connect much more to this short story. I think the struggle
of Kei is an intense self battle that she keeps under hush. You watch her
struggle with her choices she makes and her stance on the issues at hand. You
watch as dak a complete stranger to her helps her overcome what she has yet to
face openly.
Grab your copy today!
All copies are free.
Just pick the device you want to read it on and sink in!

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