Book Review: LOST Amelia Jones Private Detective Series

Amelia’s sheltered life changes when an heiress enters her detective
agency and offers a windfall. Amelia needs the money, but the case
threatens her old way of life. She must decide if breaking from her
shackles is worth losing everything she has ever known. Lost follows
Amelia through a conflict of identity, romance, and family.
More about Pandora Richardson
Pandora Richardson is a fan
and writer of fantasy, mystery, and romance novels. A Jersey girl at
heart, she now lives near Washington, D.C. with her canine familiar,
Loki. Ms. Richardson loves eating Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice
cream and writing her next masterpiece from her bubble bath.
 I did enjoy reading and learning about Amelia. And I look forward to book two. However, I think a lot was put into book one. There was some time skips but there was also a lot of side things. Like questions about other people, side task, and it could get a bit confusing. 

However, I did think the concept was good. I want to read more of Amelia and see how she tackles on what still lays ahead of her. She has cases to solve and growing up to do. Can’t wait to see what situations she finds herself in next.

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