Book Review: The Tangled Web: an international web of intrigue, murder and romance

It isn’t surprising J.P. Lane’s point of view is global. From an early age, she was trekking from Jamaica (where she was born and raised) to Europe with her family. During her adult years, Lane has blazed a trail across the world, following her star and gathering the international experience that is reflected in her writing. She has lived in London, Southeast Asia, Puerto Rico, and Miami where she was an award-winning writer for The Miami Herald’s marketing team. She has been published in other leading Florida publications, including “Florida Design Magazine.” Lane now resides in rural north Florida and is currently working on her second novel.

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The Tangled Web

In the dead of night, international media and entertainment tycoon Logan Armstrong flies back to the island of his birth. Armstrong is on a covert mission, known only to himself and three top government officials. Their plan? A plot to assassinate the corrupt head of state, a dangerous megalomaniac who, in is dirty dealings with Colombia’s leading drug cartel, is sacrificing his country’s future for personal gain. Unbeknownst to Armstrong and his colleagues, a parallel plot is being set into motion by the powerful jefe of the cartel, the beautiful and ruthless Maria Echevarría.

Tracking down the biggest story of her career, investigative reporter Lauren Anderson catches wind of cocaine shipments via a shipping company owned by Armstrong’s brother-in-law. As Lauren pursues the story, she is unwittingly drawn into the assassination plot by her aunt, one of the government officials in league with Armstrong. Lauren interviews Armstrong to learn what she can about the tainted dealings of his brother-in-law. She learns instead that a man as magnetic as Logan Armstrong cannot be ignored.

Two assassination plots, international intrigue, corruption, murder and romance played out in New York, London, Prague, and a Caribbean island that is indeed a Tangled Web.

My Review

I normally always think of something that I would want to see in the book but J.P. Lane has it all. The web sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go! I had to finish the book from the time I opened it. As you travel around the world following murders, romance, assassination plots and more you will find yourself just as pumped as the characters trying to find out the mystery’s and sort out the tangled web of this story. 

A serious MUST READ for anyone that enjoys adventure! 


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