Book Review: Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman

A collection of eclectic poetry that touches upon numerous aspects of
life including love, loss, betrayal, pain and joy. These poems will
touch your heart and soul in a variety of ways. Followed by a collection
of short stories that delve into childhood fears, revenge, rage and
redemption, each one will move you from one emotional state to another.

Meet The Author 

A little bit about me…
I have always been an avid reader of
mostly the classics: Beowulf, The Iliad and anything written by the
master, William Shakespeare. In the last few years, I became a huge fan
of James Patterson, Stephen King and Robin Cook.
favorite book of all was, and always will be, The Count of Monte Cristo
by Alexander Dumas. The revenge on all those who hurt and betrayed
Edmond Dantes and the incredible roller coaster ride his journey takes
you on has always intrigued me. My love for this book is what sparked my
desire to write my debut novel in my Eviscerating the Snake series,
Accountable to None.” With a modern setting to the tale, I wanted to
delve into just what lengths a person was willing to go to as they
attempted to seek justice on their own for heinous acts perpetrated on
them. She also is the author of “Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman“.
Zero Balance is the second novel in the Eviscerating the Snake series.

Connect with Ashley: 


A lovely easy read full of fierce emotional poems and engaging short stories. Ashley continues to show just what a wonderful writer she is with her ability to pull her reader into the mind of the characters she is sharing with them. Love, Anger, Hope, Despair. You get a taste of everything. And don’t forget revenge. Each poem or story connects your mind, heart and soul with the character telling you the passage. A very enjoyable read and fairly quickly. Great for before bed relaxation or during a nice hot bath.

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