Book Review: Skull Flowers

Skull Flowers
By: Jazon Dion Fletcher
Skull Flowers is the story of Alexis, her robot 808, and her bumbling friend Officer Whistle Britches as they set off on an adventure to find out who and what was behind the assassination of her father Governor Champagne. Along the way they encounter many villains including Special Agent Scarzensky, Mistress LaReaux, and Dr. Necropolis and explore many strange places including the Death Factory owned by Controlled Substances Inc., the polluted bayou along Fiddlers Creek, and the Pyramid ov tha Priestess ov Mars. In her journey she is aided by her mentor Professor Proxy, her pirate friend Junebug, and his girlfriend Minx. Where the stars will shine eternal, where the sky it never ends, where all will ride eternal, where the moonlight shall attend, amongst the riots and make believe.

My Review

Like if you were to pick up a Shakespeare book and read it you will find that Skull Flowers is written in the format you would see a play script. Although this does not pull away from the story I felt the need to share with you in case you’re the type that doesn’t do well reading plays. 
The story follows that in the case of love, betrayal, action, revenge, and seek of power. As it opens you can already see that like most places the “governing system” does not get along on all aspects of what should be done for the people and area they are over. 
This argument over this or that soon proves to be the cause of murder and mayhem. Taking power and seeking more. However, Alexis isn’t willing to just stand back and accept it all. 
From footage caught on tape, to putting clues together down to life or death battles of power and gods. This book takes you on an adventure that will have you turning the pages quickly as your heart races with the story line and you start putting the pieces together yourself.

Kindle Copy Available on Amazon

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