Book Review: The Door is Open

The door is always open. The light is always ready to receive us. But we have to learn how to tread the path.  Fortunately for us, all of the wonderful myths and legends of ancient Greece, as well as all the sacred and beautiful stories of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have the common aim of showing us, through symbols and allegories, a practical method for reaching spiritual enlightenment, for returning ‘home’.  THE DOOR IS OPEN describes the seven precise steps that are revealed in all great mythology and scripture, along with enjoyable and effective spiritual exercises and activities that are suitable for individual seekers or groups of friends working together.  This is a story that has been lost and forgotten, even though the entire tale has been right before our eyes the whole time.    

A native of Boston (and life-long Red Sox fan) who came of age in the
turbulent 1960’s, Dr. Andrew Cort has followed a uniquely versatile path
through life. He received his Bachelor’s Degree (in English) and
Master’s in Teaching (Science Education) from Colgate University. He
then went on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York
Chiropractic College (he practiced in New York City for ten years,
focusing on nutrition, exercise, applied kinesiology, and the mind’s
impact on physical health), as well as a Law Degree from Boston College
Law School (he is a member of the Massachusetts Bar). During his years
in New York, Dr. Cort served on the Executive Board of H.E.A.L., Inc.
(“Health Education AIDS Liaison”) and wrote his first book, on issues of
health care and the environment, Our Healing Birthright: Taking
Responsibility for Ourselves and Our Planet (Inner Traditions, 1990,
currently out of print)    My Review!!!

Although mostly based on bible stories with random sections of Greece Mythology this spiritual awakening book is a very powerful self help book. Each section builds on the previous as many other good step self help books do. And this one provides some helpful exercises and activities to practice at the end of each step or chapter.

It helps to not only show but also remind us of what is truly important in life and how we can neither be reckless but neither be sheltered. If you are open enough to actually think and consider what this book is trying to show you then I believe it will be of great help to bring happiness and fulfillment into your life.


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