Blog Tour Host Post: Dreaming Montana

     In a single day, Cara Gallagher
experiences an erotic dream about a man she doesn’t know and has a premonition
of her identical twin—at the exact moment her sister dies in a car
accident.  To escape her grief and a
loveless marriage, Cara accepts a temporary job reassignment in Seattle, where
she continues to have sensuous dreams of the unknown man. There she encounters
an angel who claims to be sent by her dead sister to help her find the man in
her dreams. Meanwhile, photographer Jay Amiens sees angel wings on his film and
has recurring intimate dreams about a woman he doesn’t know—but would love to
meet in person.  Set in 1993, Dreaming Montana invokes the spirit of
Seattle at the height of the grunge era, with the city as the backdrop for Cara
and Jay to potentially cross paths.


Kim Nathan is an American author of historical and
contemporary romance fiction. Her first novel was Sterling Redmond, a historical romance. Born and raised
in Baltimore, Maryland, she relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1994, where she
lives with her husband and cats. 

Kim Nathan ONLINE:



 A routine is something that we all think we want. Some of us think we want structure to do the same thing over and over again. But we always have some moment in our life that opens our eyes. To something more. We do something crazy and it can turn out great or fall flat and we settle again. 

Dreams can drive a person to crazy extents. And when that dream can make you feel alive from the life you currently have. And of course having your own angel to help is always a  plus.

Fun, easy and enjoyable read. This book will take you on an adventure you won’t want to stop until you close the back cover.


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A copy of this book was provided to me from this Book Tour site. Although payment was received from the author to Innovative Online Book Tours for this tour there was no payment given to me for my review. This review is solely my thoughts on what I read. This review may not agree with the Book Tour site, Author, Agent, Publisher or other readers.


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