Book Review: Hallie Palmer

The Hallie Palmer series is a humorous and heartfelt tale of affirmation
and belonging. This compendium contains all four of the bestselling and
and BEST BET. Beginner’s Luck was chosen by Barnes & Noble for their
“Discover Great New Writers” program and by Borders for “Original
Voices.” The Big Shuffle was selected as the Best Adult Novel for Teens
by The New York Public Library. Best Bet was a Next Generation finalist
in the categories of Best Fiction and Best Cover Design. The Hallie
Palmer novels are a favorite of book clubs and high school reading
lists. Like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, they appeal to readers of all ages
and their message of hope and kindness remains timeless and uplifting. 
Beginner’s Luck:
BEGINNER’S LUCK is a story of belonging, and the love and courage it can instill
within the human heart. And paradoxically, the freedom and feeling
of independence that a sense of belonging kindles in a soul that
is hungry for life in all its glories and disappointments. 
Heart’s Desire:
 Card shark and former wild child Hallie Palmer is in college now, and
Bernard, her former legal guardian and go-to guy for crepes suzettes,
has suddenly appeared during final exams. He’s hysterical that his
relationship has gone down in flames and wants to enlist Hallie in a
scheme to win Gil back. So Hallie returns to Cosgrove County, Ohio, the
setting of Pedersen’s award-winning novel BEGINNER’S LUCK, and resumes
her job as live-in yard person for the summer, and also for some damage
The Big Shuffle:
 THE BIG SHUFFLE is the sequel to HEART’S DESIRE, and the third book in the BEGINNER’S LUCK series.
When the death of her father leaves her mother in a state of shock, card
shark Hallie Palmer – the fiery protagonist from BEGINNER’S LUCK and
HEART’S DESIRE – returns home from college to bravely deal herself in
as head of a chaotic household and care for her eight younger siblings.
Best Bet:
 BEST BET is the fourth and final book in the Hallie Palmer series. Since Hallie’s father died and left behind ten children, money at the
Palmer household is tighter than ever. And just when Hallie thought she
was graduating from college, it turns out she’s four credits short. A
professor needs one more student for a project that will take her
around the world. Only longtime boyfriend Craig has another proposition
for Hallie. 

Learn about the Author!!!

Laura Pedersen writes for The New York Times and is the author of Play
Money, Going Away Party, Beginner’s Luck (chosen as a Barnes & Noble
Discover Great New Writers selection), Last Call, Heart’s Desire, The
Sweetest Hours, and The Big Shuffle. In 1994, President Clinton honored
her as one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans. She has appeared on
Oprah, Good Morning America, Prime time Live, and The Late Show with
David Letterman, and she writes for several well known comedians.
Pedersen lives in New York City.

Grab your copy of the series today!!!

You can also buy the individual books at Barnes And Noble and or Amazon. 

My Review!!!!

Buy this book. Read it. You will be laughing hysterically through each page. And yet at the same time you will feel a mix of emotions as you follow the journey of Hallie Palmers life. Love, Lost, Sadness, Happiness, Selfishness, Caring, Giving, and Taking. Hallie is just like anyone you’d meet on the street. Which I think helps people connect with her more. They can be like “I’ve done that” or “That is something I would do too.” 
Having each book in the same location is great because you don’t have to put the book down to start the next one. Just flip the page and continue on the journey.
A very recommended book for anyone that wants a story to lighten their day. Each book is fairly long but is an easy read. I loved it. I hope you do too and would love to know your thoughts.
**** Stay Tuned in the future as I hope to do an individual review for each story*****

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