Blog Publicity Tour: Covenant (The Samsara Chronicles Book 3)

Book Excerpt:

The skull was approximately the size of a baby’s head and shone with
mystical brilliance. She reached into the glass case and placed both her
hands on either side of the skull. An overwhelming power surged through
her body. For a very brief moment, the spheres appeared and hovered
around the glass case as if to convey a message.
Aislinn watched one of the spheres hover over the case while another
hummed around her head. She nodded—the message in her mind suddenly
clear. She looked at the dealer. “I want to buy it.”
He ran a hand through his hair, the gesture betraying his
uncertainty. He glanced at the skull almost as though seeking approval.
“Young lady, I have other customers waiting. As you know, the price is—”
“I know the price. You want five thousand dollars for it. I want it.”
She had no idea why she wanted the skull so badly and thought of her
savings that would be eaten up by such a foolish extravagance. To
indulge in such a purchase was totally out of character, yet she could
not fight the feelings that compelled her.
“I’ll agree only if you can pay cash or by approved debit card,” he
told her hesitantly. “And that’s providing I’m able to reach the
verification center. The service only operates a few hours a week.”
She nodded—her determination to buy the skull overriding any other
consideration. “I can pay with my debit card for both items,” she said,
removing the card from her wallet and handing it to him. The dealer
paused before lifting the phone to call for approval. She had the
distinct impression that he didn’t really want to sell the skull.
The dealer inspected her signature on the card. “You know, I almost hate to let it go. It’s been my companion for many years.”
“How did you come by it?” she asked.
“An old woman left it to me. She was a very dear friend.”
“Then why do you have it on display?”
“I’m getting on in age and have no family. I would hate to see it
fall into the wrong hands and hoped the skull would point me to the
rightful future owner.”
“How could it tell you that?”
“It can. Would you please place your hands around the skull again?”
She complied and gasped when she noticed her hands glow and become
almost transparent. It was almost as if a torch illuminated the flesh
from beneath.
The dealer stepped back as light enveloped her and gasped. “It seems
I’ve found the rightful owner. You may have the skull. I will not sell

Pursued by increasingly violent Eletarii minions, Aislinn and Dylan
acquire the first and most important talisman necessary to open the
celestial gate.

Targeted by Eletarii minions, Aislinn and Dylan
are guided to acquire the crystal skull, the core of Aislinn’s past and
future power. After a terrifying encounter with the dark forces while
spending Christmas at her parents, Aislinn and Dylan accept the perilous
journey ahead of them.

Meet Gabriella Bradley!!!
 Gabriella has been writing for many years. Mainstream contemporary
romance first, and was published under a different name, and later she
ventured into erotica and adopted the name Gabriella Bradley.

lives on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. She has traveled
much during her earlier years and has used her knowledge of other
countries in some of her contemporary books. Later, through her love for
science fiction and fantasy, she ventured into these genres.

My Review!!!!!!!
Christmas time and the wonderful joy of the holidays. Cheer, happiness, family and just the feeling of temporary peace. It is amazing that even in the grim conditions on which we find in book 3 that the holiday season still can produce these feelings for people that need them the most. 
Until that skull comes into the picture. Never bring home a glowing skull. Lesson learned. 
After minions, a weird glow, crazy earth quakes and more you would think the truth would come out more. But it doesn’t. Of course I don’t want to be the girl claiming a skull caused all this… 
The story is becoming more and more interesting and demands to be read. However I still don’t like having to switch from book to book every 60 pages. But a tale like this seems to be starting to be worth the trouble. 

Pick up your copy today!!!


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