Blog Tour: The Fruits of Our Sins

After graduating from Franklin and Marshall College with a dual degree
in Spanish and Government, Jean rose through the ranks of the insurance
industry for twenty years before heeding her own heart and pursuing her passion
for writing.
grew up listening to the stories that elders recounted about the women in her
family, and it is from these dominant, yet richly flawed matriarchs that she
draws inspiration for her writing.
addition to “The Fruits Of Our Sins”, Jean has published two short stories,
“Stella’s Silent World”, and “When The Bough Breaks”. She is also a featured
author in “Sister To Sister, Black Women Speak To Young Black Girls.”
lives in a suburb of Philadelphia with her husband and three children.
Genre: Fiction; Ethnic
Publisher: Red
Lotus Press
Release Date:
June 4, 2012
The lives of Madeline and Sybil become intertwined in heated
confrontation by the birth of a child – a child that each claims to have a
right to.  For one woman, possession of the child represents redemption;
for the other, the repetition of generational sin.  

Fruits Of Our Sins chronicles the deeply flawed relationships these women have
with their parents, the impact of those relationships on the direction of their
lives and ultimately the lives of their children as they attempt to flee from,
yet reconcile, the betrayals and abandonment of their youth.



Dysfunctional is a word we all use at some point to describe our own family. Rather it is one person or a whole group of them. Emotions seem to flare up differently for each person. As you fight with your parents maybe you are angry and they are heart broken or maybe you are upset and they are annoyed. There outcomes are endless.

Jean Mckie-Sutton brings these issues to the surface and in your face forcing you to read and follow the group of individuals and families she has in her book. This is NOT an easy read. You will be touched in one way or another by this book and you need to take the time to focus on exactly what is going on to get the full concept of the writing.

I for one feel overwhelmed with not only emotion but guilt at what I have done in my own life to cause some of these issues in my own family. A fictional story that will have you truly thinking and reflecting on your own reality.


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