Blog Publicity Tour: Nadir

Aislinn, directed by circumstance to meet her past and future soul
mate, Dylan Young, begins to understand the daunting task awaiting her.
In order to save Earth, she and Dylan must open the portal, the
celestial gateway that will allow salvation of Earth’s chosen. Facing
opposition at every step from a world plunged into chaos, they have
until midnight, December 31st, to reach their destination.

Book Excerpt:

A harsh green shaft suddenly burst from the ceiling and aggressively
chased the spheres into the corners of the room. They lurked silently in
the shadows as if fearful of the hostile presence. It emitted a series
of staccato clicking noises and a high-pitched whine that forced her to
cover her ears. Before she could move away, the green shaft engulfed her
with a bone chilling cold. Her teeth chattered from the contact, her
skin pimpling with gooseflesh. Suddenly, a resonant humming pierced the
silence. It rose from the dancing spheres that merged into one and
formed a sinuous glowing orb. Pulsing like a spectral heartbeat, it
hurdled toward her and surrounded her with a halo of pure, benevolent
Feeling safe once more, she removed her hands from her ears. The
green beam reared abruptly and emitted a guttural hiss. Slowly it
retreated as the orb forced it from the room. The dancing spheres
converged joyfully on her. They whirled around her, touched her arms,
face and legs, and then gradually reformed into the orb. It writhed
sinuously as it transformed into a vaguely human shape.
She watched in awe. Never before had anything like this happened
whenever the spheres appeared. Now that she thought about it, the
spheres had always been there whenever she was upset or in distress.
Their dancing antics and soothing serenade was all she ever experienced.
They never appeared when she was calm and everything was fine. Now that
she was in distress, it seemed as though her ordeal had disturbed her
trusted companions as well.
The form materialized into a human silhouette. She watched transfixed and peered at the luminous shape. They must be angels, she thought. All this time I’ve been surrounded by heavenly bodies and never realized to what extent they influenced my life.
“Who are you?” she whispered.
A voice filled the room. Deep and vibrant, its warmth enveloped her and filled her with loving trust.
Aislinn—bearer of the light…
“I don’t understand. Who are you? Are you angels?”
If humanity could see us, they might conceive us as such. We are
the Antiquitas, the ancient keepers of knowledge. Angels inhabit the
realm beyond the living. We are not from there but from a place well
known to you.

She reached to touch the apparition and grasped nothing but shifting
air. A soft tingling sensation crept up her arm. It enveloped her hand
and traveled through her body like a series of electrical impulses. “Why
haven’t you shown yourself before?”
It was not necessary and we did not want to frighten you. Now,
the time has come when we must appear and prepare you for the task

“Prepare me for what task?”
Aislinn, you must leave this place. It is unsafe. The elementals
that would stop the fulfillment of your task will do anything to obtain
that which you carry.


Excellent description of the world and devastation that the people now face after 26 years from book one EOS.  But that is about all. You get small hints and clues that Aislinn’s destiny is starting to unfold and take control. But nothing more. You have a few short pages and 90% of it is about the current condition of the world and the people left in it. But very nicely described and does give you a very clear picture and feel for how things have turned out over the 26 years. There is little to no need to read the first book as it doesn’t really give you any information that you need to follow the second book.



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