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Author Bio
V.V. Aku has
always believed in beautiful stories. She found the man of her dreams and her
way in complex China, and wrote a fairytale of her own: The Fire of Dawn
a scintillating tale about strength, self-discovery, and a
girl who dared to follow her heart.
Born and raised in The Netherlands, V.V. Aku
(Veerle Ackerstaff) soon discovered that the world was a place worth exploring.
After graduating high school, she set out to travel the globe until she finally
touched down in China. On the border of Tibet she met Anzi Aku, a wild Black-Yi
man who lives at the foot of the Himalayas. She has joined his clan and tries
to find her place among the tribe and its shamans. When she’s not researching
the clan’s mythology on vampires, she shamelessly gives in to the compulsion to
write about the countless characters that haunt her dreams.
V.V. Aku is the author of The Fire of Dawn and Black
. She has been the creator of stories since the age of three, and has a
Post-Graduate Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults from The
University of Cambridge ESOL. After nearly a decade of working as an English
language teacher and TEFL trainer in China, Thailand, The Netherlands, and the
UK, she now devotes all her time to writing, her family, and practicing Kung
Fu. The Fire of Dawn is her debut novel.

Twitter: @VeerleAku



Paranormal Romance
Title: The Fire of Dawn
Author: V.V. Aku
Date Published: 2012
It’s the last day of the summer holiday in The Hague when Leah
Koopmans’s carefree life as a teen is brutally flipped upside down. Her pale
skin turns a dazzling gold, her senses heighten, and her muscles possess an
uncanny strength. But with these exhilarating new powers comes a thirst that
can only be quenched by one thing: human blood.
her body craves for fresh victims and her heart drowns in guilt, she meets
inhumanly handsome Max Machiavelli, who claims that Leah is immortal like him.
Infatuation ignites into blistering passion when she joins his coven in
Amsterdam. But as the mysteries shrouding her sudden change to immortality
unravel, Leah quickly learns that her aversion to taking life isn’t the only
thing that sets her apart from this group of herculean strangers.
the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to Corsica’s limestone cliffs and the
untamed Siberian wilderness; from first loves to fierce battles, The Fire of
Dawn is an extraordinary tale packed with romance, betrayal, and bloodsucking
suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very last page.
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‘Something’s wrong!’ Max gasped, sitting up in bed
so quickly that the unexpected movement sent me over the bed’s edge. I caught
my balance before I smashed onto the walnut parquet. We had dozed off about an
hour ago. Outside, the sun had risen.
Max was panting, his face filled with fear. ‘We’ve
got to get out of here!’
‘What’s going on?’ I yawned, rubbing the sleep from
my eyes.
‘They’re near! Pietro can hear them.’
He had said ‘they’ with such abhorrence that it
could only have meant one thing. He got to his feet, scrambling for his clothes
that were scattered over the floor together with mine. I had never seen him
this alarmed. The bedroom door flung open and Pietro and Sam barged into the
room, both in the same frantic state as Max was.
‘How did they find us?’ Max shrieked.
‘I don’t know, but we must leave immediately!’
Pietro yelled.
We left the house and darted toward the city
center. The streets were deserted. Livorno was still asleep. In the morning
sunlight, our legs were heavy, moving tediously slow while Pietro broadcast the
thoughts of the advancing Brotherhood as they tracked where we ran
his voice without emotion. ‘There are four: two
males, two females… They have entered the boulevard. Stand by for
confirmation… They have turned right on Via Grande.’
Then Pietro’s face twisted in horror. ‘Stop,’ he
whispered, his voice shaking. ‘They’re here.’

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The Paranormal aspect of this book was great. I LOVED LOVED LOVED (did I say that enough?) LOVED the “vampires”. I was so happy to read about vampires that were not all lovey dovey passive. They are out for blood and I LOVED IT!!

The Romance aspect well didn’t really do it for me. The whole thing was a bit to fast and unrealistic for even a paranormal. So if you’re into that then awesome. Me I’m not.

Over all the story did hold my attention and had some great adventure action scenes that kept me wanting to continue on in the story.


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