Book Review: Love, Wisdom, and God: The Longing of the Western Soul

Morality, as secularists know, does not require a deity. Blind faith, as
atheists know, often leads to hatred, violence and war. Taking myth and
scripture as literal accounts of history, as scientists know, borders
on the nonsensical. If religion is to be credible for modern, educated,
sophisticated people, there has to be more. And there is. In LOVE,
WISDOM, AND GOD, Dr. Andrew Cort demonstrates that in their deepest and
most important sense, these are internal, psychological stories.
Through allegory and symbol they weave the tale of a soul that has
descended into material life and must now do the necessary work to find
its way home again. This inner journey, the basis for all ‘Sacred Quest’
legends, has been called “Persephone’s Return to Olympus”, “The Return
to the Promised Land”, “The Quest for the Holy Grail”, and many other
names. In other words, Mythology and Scripture can be read as manuals
for spiritual initiation. When this is understood: The underlying unity
of all our traditions is revealed. The atheist objection that the
stories are irrational becomes irrelevant. The justification for
religious hatred and war disappears.
 A native of Boston (and life-long
Red Sox fan) who came of age in the turbulent 1960’s, Dr. Andrew Cort
has followed a uniquely versatile path through life. He received his
Bachelor’s Degree (in English) and Master’s in Teaching (Science
Education) from Colgate University. He then went on to receive a Doctor
of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College (he practiced
in New York City for ten years, focusing on nutrition, exercise, applied
kinesiology, and the mind’s impact on physical health), as well as a
Law Degree from Boston College Law School (he is a member of the
Massachusetts Bar). During his years in New York, Dr. Cort served on the
Executive Board of H.E.A.L., Inc. (“Health Education AIDS Liaison”) and
wrote his first book, on issues of health care and the environment, Our
Healing Birthright: Taking Responsibility for Ourselves and Our Planet
(Inner Traditions, 1990, currently out of print)

Deeply committed
to education, spirituality, and activism, Dr. Cort has taught in a
variety of colleges and schools, private and public, including The State
University of New York in Morrisville, NY; Bay State College, in
Boston, MA; The Desisto School, in Stockbridge, MA (a private school for
troubled youth); Berkshire Community College, in Pittsfield, MA; and
the Springfield Public School System, in Springfield, MA. Dr. Cort has
taught courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, Mythology, Business
Law, General Science, and English.

In addition to academic
studies in literature, science, law and mathematics, he has studied the
work of many spiritual traditions — from the Bible, Plato, the Qur’an,
Dante, etc., to contemporary teachers including G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D.
Ouspensky, Rudolf Steiner, Paul Brunton, Anthony Damiani, Sri Aurobindo,
Mme. Blavatsky, Oscar Ichazo, and others.

Dr. Cort is the author
of numerous books and articles on religion, spirituality, mythology,
politics, history, science, education and healing, and how these all
relate to contemporary American culture. Following in the tradition of
Socrates, he considers himself a student, and not a teacher, of these
extraordinary thinkers, philosophers, mystics, and writers. His work
invites readers to study along with him.

He is also the Host of
Spirit of the Berkshires on CTSB-TV, and available worldwide on and on this site. Also on this site (and on YouTube) are his
series of short videos on The Sacred Feminine: Women in the Bible.

Cort lives in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, and can be
reached at He is an accomplished, energetic, and
articulate public speaker, and is available for interviews and speaking

Pick Up Your Copy Today!!!


 I’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover and that you could tell a lot about a book by its title and picture. Well in this case only 1/2 that statement is true. I normally shy away from any book that is a reference to religion as I tend to be very unique in my beliefs. 
However, I did this review anyway and I am SO glad that I did. I love to learn. I love history. And I love to see the cultures around the world. This book has all of that. Starting with Greece and the Gods in the 6th century and going up through the various paths and turns of society I found myself with tons of knowledge. Some I knew and some was new to me. 
This book shows how every myth, fairy tale, and religious story is connected if you open your mind that is. I do not recommend this to people that are not open to see things from others view points. I thouroughly enjoyed this book and the knowledge I’ve walked away from reading it.

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