Help! My Husband Sees Dead People! By: Rosanna Leo

Help! My Husband Sees Dead People! 

By: Rosanna Leo


When I first heard that I could submit a
post on real-life ghostly encounters, my first reaction was excitement. After
all, who doesn’t love a spooky story of wandering spirits, headless phantoms
and dank castles?
     My second reaction was “OMG, I have way too
much material for this post!”
You see, my loving husband, while not possessed of true second sight,
still has a nasty habit of running into dead folks every so often. It’s true.
My husband (we’ll call him “Joe”) is Canadian born, but has a heritage of
Irish, English and French-Canadian blood. From what I’ve gathered, it’s the
Irish bit that’s tricky. Psychics have told us that Irish people are born with
the sight. I don’t know, some Irish dude must have had a fling with a fairy
eons ago. Poor people are tainted now! Joe’s whole family has had ghostly
Now, although I’m Canadian by birth too, I have an Italian heritage. We
Italians have no use for ghosts. They scare me. If you talk spirit encounters
with my Italian nonna, she’ll likely
give you a look and cross herself.  And
then make herself scarce.
Since I’ve known husband Joe, he’s been sharing stories of his “weird
feelings” and odd encounters. He tells me there is a dead guy wandering through
our bedroom. NOT what I want to hear. Especially when I’m home alone and hear
strange creaks on the wood floor. What if that dead guy is the ghost of some
sex freak?? (OK, if he is hot, I might be willing to talk…)
However, the one tale of Joe’s that still shivers me timbers is the
encounter he had one winter night, just a few short years ago. It was ten
o’clock at night, and while I watched the babies inside, Joe went out to shovel
the snow on our driveway. It was dark outside, but the visibility was good
because the pristine snow had cast a light on everything in sight.
As Joe shovelled, he happened to look down the street and saw a man in
black. He couldn’t make out the man’s features, but saw that he was headed in
the direction of our house. Slowly walking along the sidewalk.
Joe still doesn’t know why, but the man gave him a bad feeling. A very
bad feeling.
As the man quietly approached, Joe finished up his shovelling on the
front part of the driveway. He started shovelling the next patch of snow,
keeping an eye on the strange man. Out of his periphery vision, Joe saw the man
walk between our house and the neighbor’s house. Worried the man was a possible
intruder, Joe followed.
The man had disappeared. There was nowhere to go between the houses,
just a closed fence. The most alarming thing was that the man had left no
footprints on the newly-fallen snow. Joe looked up and down the street. No
footprints on the sidewalk.
Joe stopped shovelling for the night and came inside, rattled.
To this day, Joe insists the man was a spirit, and that he somehow
caught a glimpse of the “other side.” I prefer to think the stranger was a
guardian angel, or a manifestation of Joe’s over-exertion.  
What do you think? 

Author Bio 

Rosanna Leo has her degree in history and literature, as well as in
classical singing. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada. Her
favorite things are her family, libraries, and her mother’s gnocchi.
Rosanna loves it when the geeky, awkward girl gets the hot guy, and has
made it her mission to see this happen in her books as much as possible.

Connect with her: 
Pick up her books on: 





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