Saturdays are for relaxing…in Fashion

We all enjoy the weekend. A time to just lay back and enjoy not having to be in 40 places at one time. But we also want to relax in fashion and I got something to help push you over the edge and make any outfit classy… Well at least make your hand look classy with any outfit… 
This ring is inspired by the Embrace Series by  Charlotte Blackwell! 
What outfit wouldn’t benefit from this beautiful ring? 
And if that isn’t enough a second place winner will get their choice of one of the Embrace Books to receive in Ebook format!!
Here is how you enter…. 
The Embrace books are about Vampires, Witches, Demons, Shapeshifters and mortals. Oh and High School of course.  To enter to win one of these two awesome gifts you need to leave a comment about how would you feel going to a high school where you could be sitting next to, dating, or best friends with someone with powers? Would you help protect them or would you abandon them?

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