Relieved At Thanksgiving…

In autumn, so that trees shed each year’s leaves, the wind is strong. 
Last year, it caught up a huge sheet up plastic from an unidentified
yard and twirled it high into a tree.  It was attached so tightly, that
it was only freed this week!  The Friday it went up, before Thanksgiving
in October last year, the wind was like a gale.  I gave up on
yard-trimming, brought in the cats, and rolled the wheelbarrow back at a
run.  Somewhere, a grass fire started several towns away but I didn’t
know.  After my fiancé was home and the sun set, we settled into TV when
our neighbor came to the door.  She brought the eeriest news I had
ever heard…
To Read More Head over to C. Riedel’s Blog and enter her contest. Oh and make sure to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving!!! 

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