Contest with Catrina Taylor

You may not know it but this picture is one of the prizes. And what prize is that you may ask? Well besides being a super awesome picture it is also a poster. That is right you can win this AWESOME poster.  But that isn’t all. Before I tell you what else is up for grabs lets check out Catrina. 

unique author with a passion for her family, Catrina Taylor is in love
with the written word. As an avid reader she finds her mind enjoys the
worlds created uniquely in Fantasy, Science Fiction and various
crossover genre. As an author, she most often plays in a universe of her
own creation.
Introducing us to the imaginary world of Xarrok, she has hooked readers, waiting to see where her imagination takes us next.
she is not playing in the universe of her mind, she is playing with her
children who she encourages to follow her passion for words, and excel
in every area they show interest. In fact, this talented word smith
finds that life through their eyes is a constant lesson in self
discovery, happiness and curiosity.
Inspired by her everyday world
of family, infused with an unquenched curiosity, and gifted with the
ability to take us to places we could never have imagined, Catrina
Taylor is an authour who promises to keep you fully immersed in a world
of wonder and intrigue, waiting for more.


So make sure you hook up with Catrina and get to know her. She is a wonderful author and a great friend to have. She has also provided us with an EBook copy of her latest edition…..Mind Tricks
So the next question is how do you enter? Well here you go…Leave a comment to this question and your automatically entered to win!!! Easy! 
What is another name for Catrina’s cybernetics Species?
1 Lucky Winner will get the poster and the other lucky winner will get the ebook copy!!!

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