Giveaway with Hunter Shea

Are you fan of winning free stuff? Are you a fan of Hunter Shea? Are you a fan of the dark and paranormal? Are you a fan of books? Ok how about a fan of getting autographs?  Well YOUR IN LUCK!!! Enter today to win one of two Hunter Shea books. We have a signed copy of Evil Eternal and a signed copy of Forest of Shadows for you to win!!! Find out how to enter below! 

Only one priest can battle the ultimate evil!

An evil as ancient as time itself has arisen and taken root in New
York City. Father Michael, the mysterious undead defender of the Church,
answers the call to action from the Vatican, while Cain, a malevolent
wraith that feeds on fear and blood, has taken the life and form of the
city’s mayor and readies a demonic army to ignite the apocalypse.
With an unlikely ally, Father Michael will prepare for the grim
confrontation as he grapples with his sworn duty to God and the shreds
of humanity left beating in his immortal heart. The time is ripe for
Cain and the fulfillment of dark prophecies. Father Michael must battle
Cain and his horde of demons in a final showdown that could very well
herald the end of mankind.

  The dead still hate!

Something dreadful happened in the remote Alaskan cabin.
Something monstrous. The shadows are closing in…and they’re out for


Entering is really easy.  Answer this question…
What monster are you afraid of? 
With your answer include a way for us to get in touch with you if you win (ie: email, facebook, etc) and put if you have a preference for which book your trying to win. 

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