Fun prizes for those knights at heart.

Queen Morgana will not allow free passage between the realms of the Fae
and of humans. Because of this, both realms are dying. The only bridge
between the worlds is the place where dreams live in the daylight:
Renaissance Faires!
A group of humans stumbles through the portal: a
cocky movie make-up man who hits on the wrong woman, a Vietnam vet whose
nightmares make living a chore, a private detective on the strangest
case of his career, a crippled cop and a burger store manager who loves
to go LARPing.
One of them has to show the Queen of the Fae what true
love is or they will perish in the greater darkness that is growing day
by day. Oh, and in the process, they have to try and figure out who the
strange guy in the Viking helmet is and why he is giggling all the
Every Knight needs a dragon trophy to show off to his friends. And this one could be yours. 
Stepping back in time to stories of queens, knights, vikings, dragons and more there is something for all of those whose hearts lie in the time of Renaissance. 
To enter to win either the ebook or dragon statue leave a comment with your best idea of a knights name. Can be scary, funny, original, romantic, etc. Make sure you leave a way for us to contact you if you win as well!!!

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