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Chasing the Rush
By Savannah Chase
Copyright Savannah Chase 2012
She sucked in a deep breath at the pain burning
through her. It seared her flesh like someone placed her hand into an open
flame. A cold shiver ran down her skin the moment he grabbed a hold of her
chained hand.
“Please don’t,” she pleaded.
He didn’t care; she was at his mercy and his meal for
the night. All because she’d not listened and gone hunting alone. Wanted
revenge for what he’d done to one of the family. Revenge drove her, and common
sense abandoned her. She’d let her hunger drive her to chase the rush of the
capture, the kill.
“Please, I will not tell anyone of your existence,”
she begged once more but it fell on deaf ears.
His dark emotionless eyes glanced at her before he ran
his tongue over his fangs and sank them into her. Her heart beat raced as fear
continued to pull her deeper into its grasp. He’d pierced her wrist and his lips
wrapped around her tiny hand, sucking at the sensitive spot, taking her life
with each drop filling his mouth. He was killing her with every passing second,
just so he would stay alive. Her life was draining and she couldn’t do anything
about it. Her head fell back against the cold stone wall. This could not be her
end. Someone had to find her, save her from this monster. One of the other
hunters would come after her.
Her body began to go limp as he continued to feed on
her. Blackness took hold of her sight; her gaze fell to the sky at the full
moon shining above. The same full moon that her sister had seen when she’d been
taken and ravaged by these animals a few weeks ago.
“Please,” she managed to get out.
“You can beg all that you want but nobody will ever
hear you. After tonight you are no more to the world. You think I’m stupid, but
I know who you are. You’ve been carving out my brethren and now you will pay
for your crimes.
He released her from his grasp and smiled, one that
would bring fear deep within your soul. Reaching for her hair he tugged her
head up.
“I want you to watch as I carve you till you’re
unrecognizable you stupid bitch. Every slice will be for each one of my kind
you slaughtered.”
He pulled out a silver blade from his back pocket, her
blade, and twirled it in front of her.
“They all deserved to die for their crimes. They
murdered the innocent, broke the code of your world,” she said as she tried to
struggle out of his hold.
Taking the blade he hooked it under the top button of
her blouse and slowly ran it down the seam, cutting off one button and then the
next, each one falling at her feet till he reached the very bottom.
With the blade still in his hand he grasped the
material and ripped open the remainder of her blouse, exposing her to the
coldness of the night air.
Moving the blade towards her he ran it down her
flushed skin before he thrust the tip into her flesh sliced through it. One cut
over her stomach, another over her hip, and another over her ribs. He kept cutting
into her like she was a piece of meat.
“Ssssss,” she sucked in the air at the feel of the
blade slicing into her.
Each carve of the blade sent more pain against her
weakened body. His hand moved higher and higher, marring her with wounds. Over
and over, he branded her body with revenge for what she’d done.
Suddenly he stopped; every inch of her now pulsed with
pain as blood dripped down her body. He ran the blade over the valley between
her breasts and slipped it under the clasp of her bra. The blade sliced through
the delicate material letting her breast fall exposed in front of him.
“Mmmmm,” he groaned as he came closer and licked at
one of her nipples where blood had cascaded down to before he ran his tongue
over her flesh, one of the spots he’d cut, before he sunk his fang into the
expose part of her breast.
She didn’t know how much more of this she could take.
His very presence raged her and disgusted her. His touch made her cringe, sick
to her stomach. She hoped that if this would be her last night he would just
get it over with instead of draining her body slowly. Torturing her as he
sought fit. Or worse turned her into one of his kind, the very thing she
“My life will be revenged if you take it you sick son
of a bitch,” she said as her breath hitched.
His tongue lapped at her skin as he took more of her
“Don’t be so sure of yourself,” he said as he released
She’d tried to hold on, keep herself from letting go
but he’d taken too much. She knew that she had moments left as her life force
detached itself and began to let go.
Her eyes blinked open, but all she saw was a tall dark
figure standing behind her killer. Nothing but a blurred image of whoever had
now joined them. Letting her eyes shut she gave into deaths hand.
His swirling silver eyes piearced through her from the
very first time their gaze met that faithful night when he saved her from
deaths door. He took hold of her heart and held it tight. She’d never wanted
danger, or welcomed it into her life. It was just something she’d been born
into. But now she craved it, his kind of danger, and his kind of life.
Surrendered herself to everything it had to offer and everything that had to do
with it. She gave herself to him and his world, to her savior. 
She needed it, she desired it. He’d changed everything
she’d ever know the moment he’d come into her life. The world she once knew is
not the world she now lived in. Something different now drove her path.
Lucy crossed her arms over her chest and glanced out
the window at the railroad tracks a few floors below. Trains were pulling in
and out of the station as minutes of day light ticked away, waiting for the sun
to set on another day. The sky painted in hues of gold, yellow and orange
casting shadows across the city. Soon the darkness would awake with the full
moon that was to come tonight. Each full moon reminded her of what she’d
survived. A world below oblivious to what was truly hiding in the night.  Turning away from the window and glanced it
him asleep in her bed. There hadn’t been a night when she’d not seen him
restless. Even his dreams and slumber could not bring him a moment of peace.
Demetre tried to hide it from her but she sensed it, something plagued him, and
if she didn’t know better it even frightened him.
She couldn’t stand to watch him hurt, especially when
she didn’t know what to do, felt helpless.
She paused for a moment and took in the sight of him
before making her way over to the bed where he lay naked and sprawled over the
black silk sheets she sat next to him.
“Oh my beautiful Demetre, I wish you could feel safe
even when you close your eyes to rest,” she said and leaned over towards him a
placed a searing kiss against his lips.
An aura of danger, and beauty surrounded him and she
hungered for every bit of it.
Her body yearned for his touch and she anticipated the
moment the sun would set for the night and he would be free of what plagued
Looking back towards the window she watched the last
few seconds of the sun set.
Demetre’s cold fingers suddenly wrapped around her
tiny wrist brushing against her scars from that night. He’d done everything he
could to heal the marks but the damaged was too deep.
“Lucy, my love. When I’m with you nothing else
matters. I can protect you from the monsters that haunt the night,” he said and
pulled her on top of him.
His hard cock dug into her body and she moaned as he captured
her lips. His fangs swiped over her lower lip, slicing her skin gently. His
tongue lapped at her blood.
His fingers cupped her face before he slowly trailed
them down her neck and under her red silk robe. Demetre’s strong hands caressed
her heated flesh as he pushed the robe down her back, sending chills along her
His touch made her hunger for him.
Every swipe of his tongue against her own fired off
her body, her ache for him to be inside her intensified. His taste was
intoxicating and beautiful in the most sensual way.
Without breaking their kiss he tore off her robe and
tossed it to the side before he flipped and pinned her to the bed. The silk
sheet he’d been covered with cascaded down his skin exposing his bare flesh.
She moaned at the very sight of him. The man that lay on top of her exuded
intense power and fear to the world, but to her he fed her unquenched hunger.
“You take my breath away,” he said as he broke their
kiss and gazed into her eyes.
“As do you my love,” she said and turned to his arm
that was next to her.
She would’ve been dead if he hadn’t saved her that
night. Now here she was with him, living in his world, no longer a hunter. His
life was now bonded with hers. He was now a part of her for eternity. His blood
had saved her.
“Do you ever regret doing what you’d done that night?”
she asked him as she lifted up her hand and cupped his cheek.
His silver eyes gazed back at her and he lowered his
head down for a moment, letting his long black hair cascade down his face,
making it hard for her to see his expression.
“If I were to do it all over again, I would give you
this gift of immortality once more” he said as he lifted his head and gazed
into her eyes.
“But you could only do that once. How could you know I
was the one?”
I’ve searched for someone all my life and in the
centuries I’d been alive I’ve never felt the way I did when I found Vanus
killing you.
“Didn’t you know who I was?”
He had to have known she was the slayer. She was an
enemy of his world, but yet he still saved her.
“I didn’t care. I’d watched over you for the longest
time, keeping you safe when I could. When I heard that he’d finally caught up
to you I couldn’t stand by and let him kill you.”
Lucy reached up with her other hand and pulled him
closer. He’d not only risked his life to save her but his very existence.
“I am forever yours, I belong to you for the rest of
eternity,” she said and recaptured his lips.
Gently Demetre nudged her thighs further apart she
wrapped her leg around him.  He slid
inside her and she moaned as her body basked in the power that was him. Every
part of her came to life as he pushed deeper inside her wet aching pussy.
Abandoning her lips he left a chaste trail of kisses
from her earlobe, down her neck. With each kiss his warm tongue lapped at her
heated flesh.
Each kiss, each feverish thrust left her panting and
hungry with need.
“My love, I am yours for the taking,” she said
The words barely left her when his lips sucked at her
neck and the sharp pain of his fangs piercing her skin shot through her. This
was the only place on her body where Vanus hadn’t touched and scared.
Time had healed most her wounds but she needed more to
let him feed from her anywhere else.
Their hearts beating in synch as their entwined bodies
moved in the dance of ecstasy. The feel of his lips sucking against her flesh,
taking her essence to feed made their connection euphoric and erotic.
“Ohhh Lucy, you taste so sweet,” he said as he
released her.
His silver eyes now a deep blue, gazed at her. His
tongue lapped at the drops of her blood from his lips before he thrust harder,
pushing her over to the edge of bliss.
Arching her body into him drove him deeper inside her.
When his own release came he let out a powerful roar, it vibrated through him,
straight into every part of her sensitive nerve endings, sending her into a
shattering orgasm. This was the sound that she couldn’t get enough of.
Leaning back down his kissed her lower lip and she
knew she was lost to him. There was no going back. He was hers for till the end
of their existence.


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