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S. Townsend has done it again. Bringing you an action packed book that will not
disappoint. You may already know who the villain is but it won’t stop you from
wanting to read on and find out what trouble our agent gets himself into this
time. Also how can he get out safe? With a mix of magic, military and the
famous blood thirsty vampire on his tale you will be on your seat edge through
each eager page flip. What better way to spend your afternoon then watching a
true action film in your head? (no this is not a movie though it probably
should be).

Make sure you have a full afternoon to enjoy this read because you won’t put it
down once you open it. One Eyed Jack is one of those stories where you end up
pulling for the villain. Intense and gripping book that pulls you in more and
more as you flip each page with great descriptions and very realistic and well-rounded
characters that don’t let you go. A perfect book for any reader fan and even a
good choice to convert people into reader fans.


This is a down right in the dirty world gritty tale. I almost had to stop
reading it myself because it was just so descriptive I didn’t want to know this
stuff was still around. But it is and I finished the book just to find out how
it all ended. There are no veils to protect your mind from what it is about to
read and not hidden truths. Everything is in black and white and thrown in your
face for you to take notice. Parts are even bone chilling to know what people
live with and through. And some don’t live through. From the first page you are
sucked into the world of Drugs, Abuse, Bad Choices and revenge.

A real question on life and the real consequences from your actions. As you
slowly read through this story (And yes I did have to read through it slowly to
understand and because parts of it were very drawn out for me) you start seeing
firsthand how one choice can make another person’s options change. And how you
are pulled more and more into choices and decisions and how each outcome could
or could not happen. Even if we think we know how it will go it doesn’t always
do that. This book takes some time to really warm up and get into it but if you
have a rainy day with a few free hours plop down in your favorite big cozy
chair with some coffee or hot coco and dive into this book. You probably won’t
look at your own choices the same again.

Novella’s take a skill to write. They give you more insight then short stories
but also are cut short of novels giving you less time to really connect with
the characters in the tale. I find this to be great story but rushed to fit so
much into a small space. Six is strong and I would have loved to know more
about her. But as it stood I felt she wasn’t developed enough and made it hard
to connect to her on any level. I found the relationships to be unclear.
Ultimately the story is good and descriptive but to short. I would have much
preferred reading a longer story that let me connect and understand the
characters more. I will be looking for more from Alicia in the future though as
I find her writing style is wonderful. I just want more of it.

I understand we have to change things. I understand that a story is more
enjoyable to more people if we fudge some of the facts. But to just throw out
common known facts about the life of the family you want to portray is
disrespectful in my mind. I don’t know if they needed the facts to be different
because of some random reason or if they didn’t do research or if they were
looked over in editing. But I can’t give a book a high review when they take
the story they are telling about real people and just make it up. Even though
they do disclose that the story is a work of fiction in the beginning. I was
hoping for a bit more truth behind the characters.

This book has it all. This was the first of Teel James Glenn’s books I have
read but it will not be the last one by a long shot. As you read through the
comedy, love, hate, passion, and adventure you will find yourself with a mix of
emotions that will just keep you reading on. The characters are very well
detailed and alluring you into their lives as they float through the story with
ease. All around a great book and one that I’m sure it will have you hooked as
a Teel James Glenn fan. It hooked me.

Trouble really does seem to prefer some people over others. And this book
proves it. After a new move for a fresh start things just turn the opposite
direction and become even worse. Keeping me on the edge of my seat from page to
page I couldn’t put the book down. I think nightmares could come from part of
the sections of this book. As dark forces are at work and creepy sounds with
unknown origins are heard you get to follow along as secretes are unturned and
the truth is slowly unveiled. You will find yourself so caught up in the book
you could experience goose bumps, random acts of jumping in your seat, and the
possible even shriek of surprise. The ending will blow your mind and then you’ll
just want to reread the whole book and lose yourself again.  

Was a bit iffy I’d enjoy this as much as I did because I am not into the steam
punk style. I honestly just think it is a bit weird to me. However, this book
was right on the mark for me. I loved the different stories and styles. The
tales and adventures. I am so glad I gave it a shot. Dragons are mystical
creatures and these stories are no different. They pull you in from the first
words and don’t let go till you’ve read it all. Each story offering its own
unique adventure that leaves you wanting more even after the story is done.
Just to jump into the next story and have it happen all over again. Looking
forward to more Anthologies and books from these authors.

A book that keeps me giddy and on my toes from the start to the end has me
sold. Hunter does this. After reading what the book was about and looking at
the cover the book was practically calling me to read it. So I obeyed. I was
caught up in the web of characters pretty quickly and found myself peeking into
what I thought their fates would hold and to have something change causing my theory
to leave and be replaced over again. As his stew of clues, people,
personalities, and bump in the night noises started to boil I felt myself want
to jump in the pages and be part of the story. When the last page was turned I
couldn’t help but want to read more. Hunter Shea is a new collection on my
bookshelf and I think he should be on everyone else’s too.

Real. That is what you get when you read Life is a balance. (Or its earlier
counterpart Misguided Sensitivity.) We have all been there and done that. Tried
to fit into a new lifestyle, tried to find our path to the future, and tried to
find and collect friendships and relationships on the journey. As we flip from
page to page we are guided through Phil’s journey. He holds nothing back and
unveils all leaving nothing protected. It isn’t thrown in your face but it is
brought to the surface of the constant struggles and decisions we are faced
with as we grow.


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