Book Review: That Girl Started Her Own Country


International Playgirl Zaydee finds herself in the midst of a crisis fueled by international intrigue, multinational corporate greed, and a convoluted legal system. Imprisoned for computer hacking, this brilliant jet-setter becomes an international media celebrity as she defends herself, an unknown girl labeled Princess Jane Doe,

against unknown charges. With complicated and shadowy plots brewing, the book is lush and captivating and perhaps the best addition to the series yet.

 About the Author

Who is The Holy Ghost Writer?

The mystery of the identity of the author is part of an international contest. The first person to discover the identity of the HG Writer, from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels, will receive a reward of $ 1000. Write to prize@ in order to win this reward along with letting us know the clues that led you to discovering the identity of the author. Should the winner wish his/ her discovery to be known in the press, he/ she may request same. Those that already know the author or have worked with him/ her will not qualify. Good luck.

My Review

I’ve read the story and I’ve read others reviews about this story. Personally I found the story very strong willed. The strength of the main lady in the story is almost empowering. To think someone could be handed such rough luck and turn it around so well all while falling in love and having a mystery solved. It is a very easy story to read and it contains enough pull to keep you reading until you run out of words. This is part 6 of the series and the only pre book before this is part 1. 2 thru 5 are not released yet but I don’t feel that it pulls you away from the story to much. Its a very quick read but a lovely read. I can’t wait to see what happens to Zaydee and Larson next.

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