Book Review: The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter


Zeddy, a 6 year old boy in the year 2099, finds himself setting
out on an incredible adventure following the mysterious disappearance of
his father. Zeddy discovers that there is more to the world than meets
the eye and things in the universe that he never imagined. As the
journey begins, Zeddy encounters sorcerers, strange creatures from
another world, and a professor who may just hold the answers to the
location of Zeddy’s father. Unfortunately in 2099, the world is a much
different place than now. An International Government rules the planet
and attempts to thwart the search for Zeddy’s father. Will Zeddy’s
adventure continue or will his father be lost forever? This
action-packed adventure will entertain both young and old as the
harrowing saga of the Count of Monte Cristo continues. Book 11 takes us
into the future of the Count of Monte Cristo series leaving readers
waiting for book 12 to understand the connection to The Sultan of Monte
Cristo (book 2) and That Girl Started Her Own Country (book 6).

 About the Author

Who is The Holy Ghost Writer?

The mystery of the identity of the author is part of an international contest. The first person to discover the identity of the HG Writer, from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels, will receive a reward of $ 1000. Write to prize@ in order to win this reward along with letting us know the clues that led you to discovering the identity of the author. Should the winner wish his/ her discovery to be known in the press, he/ she may request same. Those that already know the author or have worked with him/ her will not qualify.
Good luck.
One thing about the Holy Ghost Writer is you never know what to really expect from them. However, you do know that the story will be unique and out of this world. Well this story takes you a bit further out of this world. Following an idea of a children’s book with fun adventure, characters, and a boys adventure to find something lost you are also met with a very intelligent science fiction feeling as well. Having the two clash together in the typical writing of questions and unanswers the Holy Ghost Writer gives us yet another sneak into the growing list of books in the Count of Monte Cristo series. Having the books out of order makes you wonder  more and with only 3 available reads you’ll just have to keep coming back to put together the puzzle of  who the ghost writer is but also of how all of the Count of Monte Cristo series is connected. Very quick and enjoyable read. Can be finished over a decent amount of time for a lazy or rainy afternoon.

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