Award-Winning Author: Mary Kelly


Mary Kelly, PhD, is an economist and university professor who
specializes in improving profit growth. She retired from active duty in
the Navy as a commander, with specialties in logistics, intelligence,
and human resources. She has lead multi-cultural teams all over the
world, and loves working with organizations to improve leadership,
effectiveness, and productivity. A frequent TV and radio commentator,
Mary authored the award-winning Master Your World: 10 Dog-Inspired
Leadership Lessons to Improve Productivity, Profits and Communication,
15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy, 360 Degrees of
Leadership: Steering Around the Icebergs, and Stop the Barking.

Do you want to grow your business in every economic environment? Is
your business stuck? Would you like to move forward? Do you want 15
ideas on how to be more profitable? Highly recommended for anyone who
needs to give their business a good boost. Fabulous resource for small
business owners who need to maximize their marketing, sales and training
  1. You want to recession-proof your business.
  2. You want to save time and marketing money while growing your business.
  3. You want intensely customers.
  4. You want your customers and peers to refer you to other people.
  5. You want to build your company by taking great care of your employees.
  6. You want to work smarter, not harder, and make better use of your resources.
  7. You want to continue to develop the people who work with and for you.
  8. You want to continue to develop yourself, too.
  9. You want long-term, sustainable profits.
  10. It looks easy to read, and someone told you it was funny.
As I first looked at the book I thought it would be much like the others. They would tell me something and then move on. But it isn’t like that. You get a chapter about a topic and then you are given workbook type questions with blanks to write your answers directly in the pages. The language used is very basic and easy to understand. This truly is a beginners guide without making the beginner feel dumb. As you progress through the steps you learn more and more in a special order on how to do things. This book cuts out your path for you. You are lead down and explained to at each step where you are going and why and more. If you are going to start a business or even if you own a business now I suggest you get this book. You’ll be amazed at what simple things you’ve over looked or forgotten.
Other Books you can find by Mary…


Master Your World is a concise, engaging book on business management,
people management, and of course, a bit of dog management. Funny,
serious, and thoughtful, Kelly’s book can change how you interact with
the people around you. The ten inspired lessons are designed to simplify
the role of leading people, even during difficult times, and in any
business organization. The book starts with the top three golden rules:
Reward Good Behavior, Do Not Reward Bad Behavior, and Be Consistent. Dr.
Kelly emphasizes what every manager should know: You get the behavior
that you reward. The next seven lessons are how to communicate, enforce,
and maintain the first three lessons while building morale, improving
productivity, and ultimately, increasing the bottom line. One of the
major strengths of the book is Kelly’s writing. She keeps readers
interested with true stories, real-life situations, and pragmatic
solutions to the daily challenges managers and leaders face in today’s
evolving workplace. Kelly’s techniques were refined during her 21 years
as an officer in the U.S. Navy, but Master Your World is clearly not a
military book. It is humorous, entertaining, and inspirational. Every
aspiring CEO can learn something from this book. This book is highly
recommended for new supervisors, seasoned managers, and senior
leadership who could benefit from a refresher on how to engage their
teams. Her points make busy people think, and make thoughtful people
smile and think again.


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