Book Review: Argo by Vasileios Kalampakas

Humanity was forced to seek the stars.

Destined to lead mankind
into an ever expanding presence, the inhabitants of HD 85512 b have
known no other rule than those of the benevolent machines.

The same machines that brought their ancestors there hundreds of years before.

But what is man if he isn’t free?

What is man without being able to choose for himself?

Ask yourselves the same question and remember:

Whom do you love the most?

About the Author:


Well, I’m an alright guy according to what the people around me tell
me, but I rarely trust them so your mileage may vary. Other than that, I
like to write fantasy and science fiction, most of the time mixing and
matching them in weird amounts.
I really like writing short stories. Some of those I like to turn into novels. Perhaps you might like one of them, one day.
you find the photo confusing, I have to make it clear that I’m not
really a magical bunny – it’s just that I share in the superstition that
photos take away your soul.

Argo is a short enjoyable read. It is an action packed page turner that leaves you wishing even after the last page that you could continue on the adventure. Short stories have this problem with me. There is never enough pages for it. And although Argo is a wonderful and well written story this comes to be true again. I wasn’t ready for the book to end. I wanted more action and to go deeper into the lives of the characters. Overall however this is a great story to lose yourself on a cold or rainy afternoon. Will be reading more of Vasileios’s books in the future.


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