101 Days of Lula By: William Walkerley


101 Days of Lula (text messages from my unrequited love affair with a Backpage.com Asian escort) (181 pages)
A unique memoir of text messages between an elderly gentleman and a
young woman, whom he vainly thought he could get to fall in love with
Phil, 64, long divorced, discovers a world of escorts and affordable
sex while watching Anderson Cooper’s “360”. Afflicted with erectly
dysfunction, Will’s sexual desires have been relegated to the basement
of his consciousness for many years. Suddenly, they are awakened by the
news that young escorts are in his neighborhood and readily available.
It is an OMG moment for him.
Thinking that these escorts may help him get his mojo back, Will
decides to check out the women on Backpage.com. He peruses the sexy
photos of the gals, and settles on one:
LULA: $160/ I am a 23 year old college student born in Canada and
of South east Asian descent. University girl trying to balance her
predictable school life with some excitement. I have a friendly, gentle
and compassionate nature. I have dark hair, a light complexion with
brown eyes. I have a petite frame at 5’1 32b 23 34 and 100 Ibs. My idea
of a good time is chatting with a glass of wine while playfully
touching and teasing each other, building up to a full body massage and
then some.
Well, the price was right, and her pictures were lovely, and so Will
asked her to come to his apartment for sex. Lula turned out to be an
amazing package. She was not only an eager sex partner, she also
enjoyed hanging around for hours to watch dvds, talk about ghosts, palmistry,
the spirituality of rocks, eat frozen dinners and cheesecake, and
sometimes sleep over. It was like having a pretend girlfriend. Phil
couldn’t have been happier. Not looking for love at the beginning, it
wasn’t long, until he fell in love with this attractive and interesting
young woman. But when he foolishly tried to get her to fall in love
with him, what should have been a simple, straight forward business
relationship became seriously complicated, ending with Lula declaring
that she did not want him to love her, it being a burden that she did
not want. “I’ve given so much of my life to older men,” she told him,
“why in hell would I now put myself in a relationship with one!” He
should find another girl, she advised, and abruptly broke off their
At his age, Phil knew that it would be pretty impossible to find
another Lula. He’d blown a good thing. He pleaded with her to
reconsider, but that only made her angry and all the more resolved to
never see him again. At last, she blocked his cellphone number, and
then all he had left of their relationship were memories and text
messages . Like most young people, did not speak to anyone on the
phone. Text communication only. Grieving, Phil did the only thing he
knew how to do – write. And so he assembled the text messages of his
failed affair, added some narrative to make his and Lula’s story
clearer, and managed to get a degree of closure on the events that broke
his foolish, old heart.



Meet the Author


I’m a screenplay writer. I’ve made several of my scripts available
through Kindle. “101 Days of Lula” was the result of a sexual
awakening. She broke my heart, but opened the door to new and exciting
possibilities in my declining years. Some might say I now love whores,
and they would be right. I have learned not to judge woman by their
sexual proclivities.
I have been writing screenplays for several years, and have a thriller
and romcom represented by David Brady Productions (Canada).




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