Introducing Mary Allison




Snatching Joy is poetry that digs deep into the life of the author, her journey and relationships, being it personal as well as spiritual. Throughout her collections, Ms. Allison has gripped us with her echoes, her journey’s and now has welcomed us to share her joys.


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Jessie faces her dream as she sets her mind on her future. While the crew prepare for new directions, Russell and Dustin are scrutinize. Crystal steps out of her comfort zone and Cory man up to his feelings, while Latajah’s secret is revealed before her eyes.


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About Mary

Ms. Allison is an award winning author of poetry and prose. She is the author of two children books, one being a tool to help parents discuss the issue of sexual abuse with their children and the other a chapter book of short stories filled with adventure. She has also her first young adult novella Love Laws which is the first of a trilogy and was nominated for the 2009 Cyblis Award. Her recent work being a work of poetry called Snatching Joy. Her first book of poetry released in 2007 titled “Echoes of an Era” was written in dedication to her mother. In early 2009 she among many authors, became apart of the Anthology “Forever Friends” which was edited and hosted by Shelagh Watkins whose also the author of Mr. Plane Makers Flying Machine and ” The Power of Persuasion”. Ms. Allison is now the author of six books. Her books are also available on Kindle.



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