Magick Weaved

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Alexia is a lively,single,sassy and sexy coven witch yet she finds herself and her sex life(or lack of it)the hot topic of her fellow coven sisters after one of the coven’s full moon meets. Add to the mix the discovery of an old spell and Alexia’s life starts to change very quickly as a spirit named Lance appears.

Combine the heat of the full moon and a hint of destiny,life will never be the same again for Alexia.




Alexia was dreading having to voice how long it had been for her when her turn came around. It was not like she hadn’t received plenty of offers or anything. She was just . . . well . . . fussy, for one thing. She was very picky about the men she wanted to take to bed and have her way with them or them with her. (Now that was a very big turn on, if you know what I mean. All S & M aside, mind you.)

Another thing that was important to her was the fact that she had to feel safe with the man in question before even allowing him to get near enough to touch her in an innocent way, never mind a sexual way. Most of the guys she met were on the hunt, looking for a bit of fun, or someone to warm their bed up for the night.

Alexia, being a well-seasoned hunter herself, didn’t mind playing that game with those guys. She loved the look on their faces when she got them so turned on without even touching them or anything more than the briefest of looks in their direction. A whispered compliment or two to feed their ego, and they were so sure they were onto a winner for the night. Then ohhhhhh, oops! Suddenly, she would get a phone call, see someone just across the room she had to speak too right away, and then slip right back into the darkness of the night, and head home alone with a smile on her face.


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Author V.J Chisholm



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