I hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I know a lot of people have spoken of how they wish 2016 worst year ever but as a whole I hope the last year has brought you a lot of good memories to cherish. Maybe some lessons were learned?

As the new year rolls out so does Turning The Pages New Year Planner. We have some wonderful things planned for the upcoming months and we want you to be a part of them. Actually we need you to be a part of them because without you we couldn’t do anything we do.

2017 as promised on our facebook post a month ago will be free promotions. This means if you send us your media packet with your book and author info we will publish a spotlight on our blog for you for free. Sent out to all our twitter, facebook, and blogger friends.

Our 2017 post will also be compiled together each quarter and put into our magazine sent to our newsletter list and published online on our ezine site. We will also accept you to send in your information to be included in these ezines as well. This is open for authors, bloggers, editors, publishers, graphic artist, PA’s, etc. Send us your stuff in 2017 and we will promote you.

We have a group on facebook we’d love everyone to join. It will be getting some rule changes over the next week about self promotion post. But we are hoping to make it a community where we will share our events and fun things. We will even start holding community(group) only giveaways randomly in the year. You have to be part of the group to be able to win.

We currently have the following events planned for the year. We also are always thinking and adding more.

Jan 4th – New Years Bash * Prizes, books, cards, bookmarks, ebook codes, etc needed to make this great!

Feb 12th – 18th – Romance week we will spotlight 7 authors and their romance books on our blog for the week. 1 author per day.

Mar 1 – 31st – March Madness we will have 31 authors interviewed to be spotlighted one per day. *

Apr 1 – 30th – April A-Z Challenge We will work from A to Z featuring a different book series each day (minus Sun) for each letter of the alphabet. *

May – Spring Releases. We will be doing a special showcase for the new books popping up. *

Jun – Dad’s Fav Stories. We want to honor all the dads (fur baby daddies count too) out there who enjoy reading with some books tailored to you.*

Jul – Summer Bash * Prizes, books, cards, bookmarks, ebook codes, etc needed to make this great!

Aug – Start the school Literary Basket Giveaway * Prizes, books, cards, bookmarks, ebook codes, etc needed to make this great!

Sep – Fall for Books Just like in spring we want to showcase the books falling into the market. *

Oct 1 – 31st – October Month of Fun. We will hold a different event,spotlight,interview,showcase, release, prize, etc each day of the month! *

Nov 1 – 30th – Nanowrimo We will be posting tips, tricks, and such from other Nano’s each day to help you accomplish your novel in a month.*

Dec 15th – Reading around the christmas tree * We will gather flat paper promo items from authors, bloggers, editors, publishers etc to be sent with christmas cards to those who wish to receive them.

(All events with a * are still open and looking for people to sign up and help make them great!)

Today also begins our BOOK OF THE YEAR event!!! If you publish a book between Jan 1, 2017 and Dec 31, 2017 let us know you want entered into our Book of the Year Awards. Each Dec we have readers vote for their favorite books from that year. And the winners get medals and a certificate. We also have a live event book signing and awards dinner in April (in Asheville, North Carolina) to present you with the medals and certificates you’ve won. If you are unable to come to the awards dinner we will mail your awards to you.

Please email us at Turningthepagesbooknews@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about our Live Event in Asheville, North Carolina April 2018.

While we are rolling into 2017 we already are looking forward to 2018 as we will be releasing our BoxedPages Monthly Subscription. It will be a monthly subscription box for lovers of writing. Each month you will be getting a themed box that will include: A journal, a pen/pencil, some type of writing help book or worksheet, 2-4 prompts to help you come up with new story ideas, A book from an indie (or small publishing company) author, and some swag items to go along with the theme.

In order to keep our doors open and all our events moving smoothly we will be opening an online store here on our blog where you can order some of our tshirts, bags, special street team boxes, or a special Author box by MA Grace.

Feel free to email us at turningthepagesbooknews@gmail.com if you want to be a part of any of our events we are holding. Or if you’d like to order any of our stuff. Or even just to say hi. We love hearing from all of you.


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